1. Phoneguy108's Avatar
    How many people are getting less bars and having reception issues with their S7A?
    07-21-2016 05:08 AM
  2. Slade8525's Avatar
    signal to noise ratio on mine/gf's/folks is about 1.5-3dB lower than standard S7 belonging to good friend in same locations, which is negligible. All tested with TPU cases on and off. Bout the same as S4 but doesnt disconnect from networks as much; i expected better frankly.

    is there an app or way to see what band is active and at x% strength?
    07-21-2016 05:22 AM
  3. Phoneguy108's Avatar
    Thanks for the info.
    Few people have posted some issues with signal. I don't want to jump from the S6A to the S7A if I have to sacrifice signal strength.
    07-21-2016 06:38 AM
  4. tkuhe's Avatar
    My bars always appear low but I have not experienced any issues with signal yet.
    07-21-2016 07:40 AM
  5. Slade8525's Avatar
    tpu case drops the signal 2-4 dB more than naked, and S7 Active is 3-5dB lower than S7 and S7 Active in exact same spots on same SIM card/plan as tested on 2 friends' S7/S7 Edge, so with a case about 5-9dB lower than normal S7/S7 Edge. Most the time its 5dB lower or less. Oddly, both S7 Active, Edge, and S7 all lose signal off and on in the same place, S7 Active just has a bit less signal in wonky places. GPS and Wifi lock on and stay locked on just as good as S7/S7 Edge.

    tested this at a location about 20 feet underground, then in a walk-in cooler from the 60's that is solid steel plate and foam insulation, in a steel reinforced cinderblock building. Could still make calls and get data signal, just really slow, data did disconnect a few times, poor call quality (same with S7/S7 Edge) but none of them dropped a call, just wonky data signal. Even outside in that town, most i get is 3 bars; -96 dBm 44 asu (pretty bad) best i noted. Inside -125 dBm 34 asu (off and on connectivity for data also takes longer, voice and sms/mms is fine no disconnects but takes longer). S4 is similar readings but loses all connectivity; maybe its the lack of bands or poor radio strength?

    My S4 is totally dead to the world in that walk-in cooler, and has dead spots inside that building. Active has poor connectivity but stays connected for voice/mms/sms, data kicks out and then back on again within half a minute or so. same with S7 Edge and S7. S7/Edge/Active also keep a wifi lock and gps lock where the S4 is totally lost.
    07-29-2016 11:43 PM
  6. Phoneguy108's Avatar
    Thanks for the test results!
    07-30-2016 11:14 PM

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