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    I purchased an AT&T Galaxy S7 Active phone to be used on T-Mobile network. The phone works and operates great until I change mobile carrier type from AT&T to T-Mobile. With T-Mobile carrier Type settings in place and the phone powered off. When customer powers on the phone, the cellular data remains disabled. The ONLY way to enable cellular data is to enable then disable the Airplane mode (toggle airplane mode). We went through several phone calls with T-Mobile and Samsung support doing cache resets and factory restore, but nothing worked. So, Samsung finally agreed to check the phone out under warranty. Unfortunately, Samsung repair personnel down in Texas did not repair or correct the problem. The repair personnel simply followed a maintenance guide that only test and checks the phone’s "core" functionality. The repair technician should have tested and checked “user” functionality such as what is affected after changing carrier types – the well documented problem I was experiencing. Perhaps Samsung knows about this issue, and simply went through formal process to show effort only to ignore this issue. I feel this is a firmware issue that should be corrected by Samsung.
    10-13-2017 09:12 AM

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