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    My phone echos on the other end. I have changed providers and still experiencing the problem. S7 Active. When I use earbuds with a mic there is no problem. I can hear the person fine but they struggle with me
    05-08-2018 10:21 AM
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    That usually the fault of the echo canceler at the central office, but if you changed carriers (changing MVNOs but keeping the same carrier means going through the same central office if you're in the same area - which could still mean a problem with the carrier) it would be the fault of the phone,but not something that's easily fixable.

    So ... if you're still on the same carrier, go into a carrier's store with the phone and let then hear the problem - they can call engineering and get it straightened out. (And probably make some of the older engineers learn something they'll never see again - it almost never happens.)

    If you changed carriers, the first thing I'd try (after a full backup - see Backing up an Android Device) is reflashing the ROM (see [Samsung] How to flash Stock ROM via ODIN).

    The only other possibility is something causing an acoustic echo - the incoming sound is feeding into the mic - but since it still happens with earbuds, that can't happen unless you take one of the buds off and hold it against the mic.
    05-08-2018 03:18 PM

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