1. manni1to's Avatar
    I just got a black s7 from t-mobile today. I have tried the s7 edge a couple times and took them back because my hands just couldn't get used to the edges.

    I am trying the s7 because I want something that's size is between the 6s (too small) and 6s plus (too big).

    Hoping I stick around a little bit this time!!
    04-28-2016 03:32 PM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    Hope you do! As an Edge owner, a good case helps A LOT with gripping the phone and enjoying the edges a bit more (without it the phone feels so damn light and thin I feel I'll break it or send it flying when using the edges haha). But if that size is too big, the S7 is a great option as well.

    I'm very happy with the Edge, but other than turning heads (that does happen a lot, especially from iBuddies) and people trying to look at he curves of the phone, there really isn't too much functionality there, to be honest. It's a cool addition, yes, but if you mind about the $ difference, the S7 would do just fine.
    04-28-2016 05:21 PM
  3. manni1to's Avatar
    Yeah. I also couldn't really spend the extra 100 bucks... For no reason in my opinion lol
    SpookDroid likes this.
    04-28-2016 05:50 PM
  4. SpookDroid's Avatar
    Well you do get a larger screen and battery, so it's not JUST the curves... but yeah, it's mostly about the curves. haha
    04-29-2016 11:50 AM

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