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    today I got my level 5 performance series case from Incipio today.

    Anyways so far I like the case a lot compared to my Otterbox Defender. The case is very durable but thinner and more sleek than the Defender. The holster is top notch and premium as well granted I never use the holsters with my cases but some might like it.

    The built in screen protector also fits very tight to the screen too and the home button on the bottom of the protector has a plastic frame all around it but doesn't affect using the finger print scanner. It looks like less dust will get under this due to it being tighter and really no gaps near the home screen for dirt to get under.

    The only downside to the built in protector like the Otterbox Defender it's not very clear. granted it is a lot more responsive than the Defender though and has no rainbow effect. Not impressed by the clarity but not really much out there right now to protect the screen.

    Only other downside I see is the speaker volume is a little softer due to the protector covering it.

    Overall I say this is a great case. However you might want to look at the Level 4 because Amazon has the white case for about 31 bucks if you want to use your own tempered glass and not have a built in protector because otherwise the level 4 is almost the same thickness as the level 5 but maybe with a bit less of a raised edge around the screen.
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    05-24-2016 12:47 PM
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    Come on, Blues. Where are all the high quality pictures that belong in this thread?

    Maybe a couple of the packaging also? Thanks.
    05-24-2016 02:24 PM
  3. Blues Fan's Avatar
    Here are a few pics.

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    05-25-2016 12:03 AM
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    Nice, I like it. Is the back a hard plastic material or softer rubber?
    Are the back, home and recent apps buttons wide open?
    05-25-2016 09:07 AM
  5. Blues Fan's Avatar
    Nice, I like it. Is the back a hard plastic material or softer rubber?
    Are the back, home and recent apps buttons wide open?
    The back isn't hard plastic. Kind of like a matte finish but semi soft texture. The keys on the bottom are not wide open. They have the hard plastic around them that is part of the screen protector but it doesn't affect their performance at all.

    The level 4 case doesn't have a screen protector so that is something you don't need to worry about with that case. I'm not huge on the clarity of the screen protector but with the S7 there are no good tempered glass protectors at there otherwise I would have went with the level 4. At least this one doesn't get the dust build up like the Otterboxes do and fits flush to the screen. The S7 Defender I was having to take apart every few days to clean.

    I don't trust using these expensive phones without a screen protector on it.
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    05-25-2016 10:37 AM
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    Blues, have you thought of trying the Lifeproof Fre case?
    05-25-2016 06:38 PM
  7. Blues Fan's Avatar
    Blues, have you thought of trying the Lifeproof Fre case?
    Yea seen though before but they cost a ton and I don't like the screen protector on them and I hear the speaker isn't that great on it and sounds muffled.

    Size wise I'd say this case is very similar to a Supcase except it's a little thicker and gives better protection due to the build quality and technology in it vs supcase which is just molded plastic.
    05-25-2016 07:28 PM
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    Im thinking about ordering the level 4 white version from amazon since it's so cheap and sticking a stick on or tempered glass protector even though i know they are not that good for the s7.

    I really like the level 5 case it's perfect but the screen protector with it is brutal. No rainbow or air gaps and very responsive but it's really fuzzy. Otherwise this is the perfect case for the S7. So level 4 doesn't have port covers or screen protecror really only difference.
    05-26-2016 02:36 PM
  9. Blues Fan's Avatar
    I really like this Level 5 case and Level 4 since I got it for cheap. As I stated before the screen is really responsive but the screen protector has a haze in it but overall the build quality is great. However the one downside is the speaker is covered on this case so it's not quite as loud and the sound quality isn't as clear vs my Otterbox Defender which has loud and clear sound since the speaker isn't covered.

    I might go back to the Defender because of it. Why is it so hard to find heavy duty cases for the s7? The Incipio is darn near perfect except for the darn speaker and hazy screen protector.
    06-01-2016 12:56 PM

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