1. PauloPImenta's Avatar
    Any suggestions for a good WiFi battery case. I'm torn between mophie, incipio and the samy one.
    08-28-2016 07:59 AM
  2. NiffiIsenguard's Avatar
    If I may I'd always recommend Mophie I'm not using one with my S7 but I had one with all my iPhones. Lived it. And my buddy's agreed with me with his Android phones.

    I personally just have a huge power bank haha. I also carry around a shoulder bag so it's not pocket weight.
    08-28-2016 11:38 PM
  3. Rose4uKY's Avatar
    I have a nice size external battery also Anker 10700 and keep an extra charger in my purse but I was wanting to try this one maybe I have a $10 Amazon gift card. Ever heard of this company Tamo? It's a 5,000 case. My friend got the Sammy one for her Note 7 and returned it said it didn't protect good and she didnt care for it. I have seen Mophie before and Sprint store had offered me 20% off when I got my friend her S7 but she didn't want it.

    08-30-2016 11:54 AM

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