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    Looking to replace my Bold 9790 as supported apps are falling by the wayside. EE in UK have also just launched new plans which allow 15GB/month roaming in Europe. Was looking at PRIV but now come across a clip on keyboard for the Galaxy S7 - see here Galaxy S7 keyboard Cover Case Black | Samsung UK
    So think the keyboard may be a good solution.

    But pricing seems really odd, and really surprised given PRIV is a lot older/cheaper.

    PRIV on a 15GB plan is £55.99/month +£79.99.

    S7 on a 40GB plan is £55.99 +£0, £50.99 + £89.99 (saves £30) or £45.99 + £189.99 (saves £50). I can use the 15GB abroad each month and as I don't have broadband in UK, would be great to use the other 25GB as a wifi hot spot.

    Wondered if anyone had tried the S7 keyboard. Looks pretty similar to BB keyboards and works by NFC, so no battery. Screen resizes automatically when clipped on. Probably doesn't have trackpad like PRIV and doesn't have back lighting.

    S7 is also 4G+ or LTE-A and much more newer and smaller and lighter.

    S7 seems to be a no brainer and the way to go.
    09-21-2016 01:34 PM

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