1. cpcxgsr's Avatar
    Did anyone notice that Samsung had discontinued majority of their OEM cases?

    Also I find it odd that aftermarket manufactures are not supporting this phone as heavily as I would assume that it would.

    I am looking for a leather case similar to what Apple sells for it's phones and would assume that since the S7 is quite popular, Samsung/Aftermarket would support this phone immensely.

    Only cases I find online/Amazon are the generic clear TPU cases and overly sized Otterbox/UAG cases... I feel like the S6 had more OEM/aftermarket support when it comes to accessories... Why is this not the same with the s7?
    11-30-2016 11:16 AM
  2. JasW's Avatar
    There are still a ton of OEM wallet and S-View flip cover cases available. I bought one for my wife not too long ago. The Samsung leather cover for the S7 is still available, if not directly from Samsung: https://www.amazon.com/Galaxy-Leather-Samsung-Official-Genuine/dp/B01M6VX0RP
    11-30-2016 11:51 AM
  3. cpcxgsr's Avatar

    I was looking for something similar to the one you had posted. I find it odd that Samsung doesn't list it on their website.
    Target used to have a huge rack of OEM Samsung cases. After September, it seemed like they pulled it from their stores.

    Same goes with Best Buy. Their OEM stock is limited to only the SView... Makes me wonder why Samsung is pulling factory support for their "flagship" phone....
    11-30-2016 01:17 PM
  4. cpcxgsr's Avatar
    Also... I would expect 3rd party manufactures to sell comparable leather cases to Samsung's OEM leather case.... But I haven't found any good ones online/Amazon either... Strange.
    11-30-2016 01:18 PM
  5. AxlMyk's Avatar
    Samsung OEM cases are over priced. BestBuy and Target, as well as others, believe more people are iSheep.
    becool773 likes this.
    12-07-2016 10:33 AM
  6. cpcxgsr's Avatar
    Totally agree that Samsung OEM cases are way overpriced. But was shocked to see Samsung's website pulled a bunch of their products....

    Makes me wonder if the Note 7 debacle had anything to do with Samsung's bottom line and overall Accessory sales....
    12-07-2016 01:19 PM
  7. chanchan05's Avatar
    Hmm, probably a US thing. Samsung brick and mortar stores in my country are still well stocked with accessories. Heck they still have keyboards for the Tab 2 available and on display.
    12-29-2016 11:56 AM

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