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    I've been having some issues with my S7 that is going to make me lose my mind. Please help! It all started about 6 months ago or so when I did the Android update on my phone. The phone had been working perfectly. Then after the update I started having issues with my bluetooth. My head set would crackle intermittently when the other person would talk. This made my bluetooth headset unusable. I also had a similar issue with my jambox speaker. It just seemed like it had a bad connection.

    After trying everything I finally just bought another used S7 that hadn't been updated. Life was good again. Until recently my battery life started to get really bad, and it said that bluetooth was the biggest contributor to that. Even if I turned the bluetooth off it was draining my battery quite a bit.

    So I finally installed the system update on the new phone hoping that would fix the problem. Nope, it made it much worse and now I'm experiencing the exact same problems with the last phone.

    I'm ready to cut my losses again and just buy a different model phone all together. I'm so frustrated. Any help would be much appreciated before I dole our for a new phone. Thanks in advance.
    01-23-2018 10:47 AM

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