1. Grifter3000's Avatar
    I recently purchased a TechMatte Mag Grip CD Slot Mount to hold my phone magnetically while in the car.

    I don't want to use a sticker on my phone or on my case.

    I have two Samsung manufactured cases for my Edge S7 - one is the Samsung Edge S7 clear view cover, and the other is the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge keyboard cover.

    In both cases (no pun intended), the magnet doesn't fit.

    If you try to slide the magnet against the phone before putting on the case, the 4 corners of the phone won't properly set inside the case, and in the case of the clear view cover case, the cover won't fully shut, and when it shuts it puts the phone to sleep, so it's a shame to always have the case pried open. In both cases you can see the magnet causing a bulge in the case.

    Does anyone here know of a magnet car mount which comes with magnets so thin that they can fit in the ultra-fitted Samsung cases without causing problems?

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions you can share.
    04-23-2016 04:06 AM
  2. ellisz's Avatar
    I bought some metal inserts off of Amazon. Not sure how thick the ones you have are though. I bought some silver ones that are close to the color of my silver s7 edge so I can use a clear case I have a vrs case and a ringke that work OK.

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    04-27-2016 06:15 PM

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