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    Anyone who is looking for a nice quality HD screen protector for their s7 edge, look no further. I've started a new thread to alert owners. I've went through 3 HD wet install Zagg brand each one bubbling and peeling up a day or so after install at my local Zagg location (they say wait 24hrs before putting a case on it, and when you do it bubbles up almost immediatley). After that I tried the glass curve from Zagg as well, turned out to be junk as it popped off and wouldn't stick back on 3 hours after install and mind you I didn't even put it in a case yet. I did some online research and found Skinomi brand wet install HD and was advertised as case friendly. Box of 2 for $7.85. Installed it last night about 6pm and put it into my Otterbox Symmetry case about 8 this morning. Can't even tell there is one on my phone and never peeled up like the Zagg that peeled up the instant I put it into a case, Symmetry or Commuter from Otterbox. Very happy so far. Very easy to do, took under 10 mins and watch the video and or read the instructions before install. S7 edge screen protectors-received_1844840305747043.jpeg
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    09-20-2016 03:25 PM
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