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    I received this a while back for review and wanted to share this to the community. This is a typical micro USB cable that has a build in monitor that gives you information on the Voltage come out of your charging brick, and how much Amperage your device is receiving. It works really well and is solidly built. This even works with my Fast Wireless chargers. The monitor provides a wide voltage of 3.6-20V and current measuring range of 0.1-3.0A, however it only does 480mbps transfer speeds if you use this as a data transfer cable. Price is a little higher than others, but the build is so much better of stuff I used before this. Its great if you are trying out different chargers and charging bricks. Also, would be perfect for the Pixel XL since its the most finicky device with voltage and amperage.

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    03-18-2017 11:19 AM

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