1. tshirttan408's Avatar
    Hi Guys,

    Probably a hard question to answer but is there going to be an option for the only on screen to come on when you have a notification? I like the idea of being able to see that without having to turn the screen on, but having a clock constantly on and taking 1% battery an hour seems like a bit too much for me as sometimes I have to go a long time between charges!

    02-24-2016 03:36 AM
  2. dpham00's Avatar
    Interesting question. Hopefully someone who has early access can help. Otherwise I will check when I get mine.
    02-24-2016 08:05 AM
  3. felloffthetruck's Avatar
    I believe the notifications will show up with the always on screen along with the clock. Without the clock, I'm not too sure about.
    02-24-2016 09:18 AM
  4. jian9007's Avatar
    There is a setting in the always on display that says "Content To Show", so I believe you could remove the clock if you desire.
    02-26-2016 03:46 AM
  5. pgood4's Avatar
    You can turn off the always on display, but notifications will only be visible when you turn on the screen. I've seen conflicting information on battery drain for this, some report 1% per hour and others just 1% without specifying over what period of time. Will likely need some real world testing to see what the actual battery hit is for this feature.
    02-26-2016 08:16 AM
  6. rockshj's Avatar
    is their.. always on display... same work like moto display
    02-26-2016 08:22 AM
  7. SurfnSun's Avatar
    What Ive read says you can turn it off. Windows phone has had it for years...its a very nice feature.
    02-26-2016 09:05 AM

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