View Poll Results: What Color For Your New S7 Edge?

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  • Black

    27 31.03%
  • Gold

    11 12.64%
  • Silver

    49 56.32%
05-17-2016 05:02 AM
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  1. t11rmh's Avatar

    Posted from my kicking Samsung Note4 on Lollipop 5.1.1
    02-25-2016 07:15 AM
  2. AlphaVictor87's Avatar
    I'm so happy they finally got to just doing straight black. I've hated the black/blue color so much. This will actually be my first true black phone since i switched over from apple like 3 years ago.
    love4speechless likes this.
    02-25-2016 07:23 AM
  3. azie's Avatar
    Black or silver.
    02-25-2016 07:27 AM
  4. Mike-Mike's Avatar
    i have spent an absurd amount of time trying to decide between black or silver. going to have to go to the store to check it out
    02-25-2016 09:03 AM
  5. dmlv's Avatar
    Black. I think colors on video screens look better with black bezels.
    agree 100%..that's why I went w onyx...i also want to mix it up from my 6P which is the frost.
    02-25-2016 09:07 AM
  6. nonie's Avatar
    i have spent an absurd amount of time trying to decide between black or silver. going to have to go to the store to check it out
    Me too. Also with trying go choose edge or not.

    Posted from Android Central
    02-25-2016 09:09 AM
  7. Bryant Laney's Avatar

    Posted via the Android Central App
    02-25-2016 09:13 AM
  8. shanghaichica's Avatar
    I prefer the silver but it's not available in the UK. So gold.
    02-25-2016 09:19 AM
  9. mltvolfan's Avatar
    I went with Black Onyx.

    Posted via the Android Central App
    02-25-2016 09:22 AM
  10. mush10's Avatar
    I went Silver to change it up. May or may not revert to black but going to start with silver.
    02-25-2016 09:22 AM
  11. lady of the lake's Avatar
    I pre-ordered the gold.

    My soon to be replaced BlackBerry Z30
    02-25-2016 09:39 AM
  12. Zendroid1's Avatar
    I was on the fence as well. I ordered Silver Edge the night the pre-orders came up. Went to Best Buy last night and checked these out. While the silver is gorgeous I think the novelty might wear off fast. So I cancelled my silver pre-order and pre-ordered the black. I think black looks amazing as well. Really can't go wrong with any color this year but in the long term I'll be happiest with black.
    02-25-2016 09:42 AM
  13. anon(5630457)'s Avatar
    I've never owned a silver phone before, so I went with silver.
    EMGSM likes this.
    02-25-2016 09:44 AM
  14. BIG CAT 7's Avatar
    That Silver with the black screen gives me the goosebumps... Can't wait to get that sexy beast in my hands!!
    02-25-2016 09:45 AM
  15. love4speechless's Avatar
    Black. My S2, S4 and S6 have all been black
    02-25-2016 09:48 AM
  16. PsychDoc's Avatar
    One thing to consider is that the silver is a unique availability with the Edge. The regular S7 does not have that as an option. So the uniqueness is a factor as well.
    02-25-2016 10:02 AM
  17. EMGSM's Avatar
    I've never owned a silver phone before, so I went with silver.
    I second that...silver it is.
    anon(5630457) likes this.
    02-25-2016 10:12 AM
  18. EMGSM's Avatar
    I went with the silver. I got gold last year and never had a silver phone. Plus it looks awesome to me.
    02-25-2016 10:16 AM
  19. missy8787's Avatar
    Either silver or gold whichever is available at my local Verizon store when I get my upgrade. Hard to choose both gorgeous colors
    02-25-2016 10:50 AM
  20. BlessOd's Avatar
    Chrome is pretty nice, but after some time it will be awful. Scratches will be everywhere.
    Or you can use black bamper
    02-25-2016 01:44 PM
  21. felloffthetruck's Avatar
    I still can't decide but I've narrowed it down to black or silver.
    This rendering is not helping much.
    02-25-2016 02:44 PM
  22. rvgraham's Avatar
    I think I would get tired of it quick and better stick with the black
    Now *Black* I am really sick of, or any other color darker than mid-gray. Wanted the emerald last year, but the bone-headed US carriers mostly didn't offer it.

    I pre-ordered Silver on Verizon...
    02-25-2016 04:53 PM
  23. yunique's Avatar
    anyone else wish they made the black one with gold metal? that would be sick!
    02-25-2016 05:36 PM
  24. mc4nam's Avatar
    Man. I was all in for Silver, (See my previous posts). Spent to much time at Best Buy and changed pre order to Black. Silver looked cool but it was pretty reflective.... Black is reflective just not as much.

    The final straw that pushed me to black is the fact that I hate tv's or monitors with any color bezel but black. I would feel the same way eventually with a phone.

    Posted via the Android Central App
    02-25-2016 08:26 PM
  25. tcdude's Avatar
    The silver does look awesome but I went with black

    Posted via the Android Central App
    02-25-2016 08:45 PM
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