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    Looks like the Canadians will be getting the Global model of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with the Exynos octa core chipset whilst across the border in the U.S.A. the carrier minority variant models are running on the quad core Qualcomm 820 chipset, the same as China, according to ubergizmo's article... Samsung Galaxy S7 In Canada Is Of The Exynos Variant

    The stock Samsung Global model of the S7/Edge, G930F/G935F, will get...

    Exynos 8890 Octa... Quad-core 2.3 GHz + Quad-core 1.6 GHz

    Whilst the U.S. carrier minority models of the S7/Edge, G930A/P/V/T/R & G935A/P/V/T/R, and possibly the China models G930FD/G935FD, will get...

    Qualcomm MSM8996 Snapdragon 820... Dual-core 2.15 GHz + Dual-core 1.6 GHz


    Here are the reviews of the 2 chipsets...

    Benchmark Results Show Samsung Galaxy S7 With Exynos 8890 More Powerful Than Snapdragon 820 Version

    Galaxy S7’s ‘Snapdragon 820 Vs Exynos 8890’ Benchmark Score Comparison
    02-28-2016 07:19 PM
  2. ironass's Avatar
    Bell, Canada confirms it in their S7, "View detailed specifications"...

    Samsung Galaxy S7 | Bell Mobility | Bell Canada
    02-28-2016 08:04 PM
  3. spheresofmadness86's Avatar
    Is it possible to buy one of these and have them work on the Sprint network somehow?
    04-21-2016 11:32 PM
  4. ironass's Avatar
    Is it possible to buy one of these and have them work on the Sprint network somehow?
    Hello and welcome to Android Central spheresofmadness86!

    No, it will not be compatible. The Canadian model, G935W8, is designed for the global network standard, GSM. The Sprint network is on the minority CDMA network that is only now, partially, used in the U.S.A. and China. This is why both of these countries have the CDMA compatible quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets whilst the rest of the world has the Exynos octa core model.
    04-22-2016 03:47 AM

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