1. gera815's Avatar
    Can anyone help me out. I received my S7 Edge from T-mobile today. Love it. Only thing is. When playing a YouTube video in 1440 it plays and then it freezes the video while the sound is still going them it starts playing for a while again and then freezes again. It works great with 1080 videos. I'm also using Nova Launcher do you think that's the problem?
    03-02-2016 04:10 AM
  2. Cakefish's Avatar
    I have noticed the same thing on my iPad the past few days so probably an issue with YouTube itself.
    03-02-2016 04:22 AM
  3. missy8787's Avatar
    I've been having the same issue with YouTube on my iPhone 6 Plus sounds like YouTube itself not the phone
    03-02-2016 04:45 AM
  4. zipro's Avatar
    6S Plus here: have had that problem for months already :-/
    03-02-2016 07:29 AM

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