12-08-2017 05:00 PM
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  1. rkkeller's Avatar
    I don't plan to root for awhile, if I even can, as there are probably going to be a few patches and fixes coming very soon. I know one is already out for the Edge.
    03-14-2016 08:55 AM
  2. NexusGirlX's Avatar
    The tutorial is too complicated for common users.Still looking for some simple solutions.
    Of course it is now. What they are doing there is not meant for everyday users like most of us on here. Right now they are seeing what works and figuring out what doesn't and that takes time. A few people there say they got it working so there's hope.
    03-15-2016 06:53 AM
  3. Musadiq Khan1's Avatar
    Here's working one to root S7 and S7 edge.
    03-20-2016 01:02 PM
  4. 20degrees's Avatar
    That's not for all variants though.
    03-20-2016 02:02 PM
  5. steveedmund's Avatar
    Unfortunately, once Knox is tripped there is no going back.
    I personally never use Samsung Pay because I'm an American living in Kuwait and Samsung uses the KD for transactions and I prefer using USD, which Google Play Store still does.
    I'm with you tho, I've rooted every device I've ever had going back to the OG Moto Droid but I probably won't bother with the S7 Edge.
    04-16-2016 12:34 AM
  6. ironass's Avatar
    04-16-2016 04:42 AM
  7. Ujang Nasrullah's Avatar
    06-14-2016 10:13 AM
  8. Indabaa's Avatar
    Check this thread on xda-developers to successfully root your galaxy s7/s7 edge device
    S7 and S7 Edge Root - Post #580
    07-15-2016 07:25 AM
  9. billyjoebob007's Avatar
    Check this thread on xda-developers to successfully root your galaxy s7/s7 edge device
    S7 and S7 Edge Root - Post #580
    And here for the sprint g930p:

    SM-G930P Root | Sprint Samsung Galaxy S7

    Dunno if it would werk for the g935p though. Me hopes it do, but.....
    07-15-2016 08:03 AM
  10. sohid hossen's Avatar
    My S7 Edge is factory unlocked as it's from the Samsung site. Will this mean that any roots are more likely to work on this one as opposed to one locked to a carrier?

    I've only ever rooted a Note 3 once and that worked fine.
    08-17-2016 11:08 AM
  11. tad mahler's Avatar
    use the engineer boot tar.........Nougat_S7_Root_2_82_All_Carriers_V1 (1).zip
    google that zip and make sure the tar,md5 file says s7edge. ive been rooted for 9 months, and make sure youre 7.0
    12-08-2017 05:00 PM
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