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    I was thinking about not doing this again this year because I'm just tired of the critics I get in the process, BUT, it seems more and more people coming from iPhone are having some issues adjusting to the way Android works related to background services and apps and the battery this use.

    So, until I get my S7 edge tomorrow I can't do a more S7/edge specific thread but seeing that the S7/edge still shares mostly the same UI with the S6/edge plus the biggest battery life offenders are basically the same, I think you may use the following thread as a reference to try disabling and uninstall and do some other tricks to try to have even a better battery life on your phones.

    If you come from an iPhone, don't expect to compare both phones (or OS for that matter) by having the S7 out of the box, on Android you will have TONS of "features", services and apps running on the background right out of the box, no need to waste your phone resources on things you may never use.

    Just remember, nobody is forcing you to do this, just read it and see which ones you may be able to use and go from there.

    03-10-2016 08:10 AM

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