03-18-2016 12:30 PM
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  1. tnt4's Avatar
    It's absolutely ridiculous that this iMessage problem still exists. I switch from time to time as well and this happens every single time.
    The problem is with group messages more than anything else. Getting texts in general is an easy switch now that you can manually deregister your number from iMessage.

    But all the group texts get screwed up for everybody involved.
    03-16-2016 01:33 PM
  2. sangs's Avatar
    The professional tests say differently.
    Who cares what the "professional tests" say? Do the "professional tests" use the phone the same way every individual does? Silly argument.
    03-17-2016 06:24 AM
  3. sangs's Avatar
    Battery life is too subjective a statistic to even compare. One person's usage pattern is going to be completely different from another. I've definitely had better battery life on my 6 Plus than any Android phone I've used, but that's not to say it couldn't be the opposite for someone else.
    Amen. Boggles my mind that so many people fail to comprehend this.
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    03-17-2016 06:26 AM
  4. alodar101's Avatar
    Did anyone else read this and laugh? This is completely so utterly wrong that I almost spit my drink all over my computer monitor at work because I was laughing so hard.
    I laughed too! What I was really trying to say, badly, is, yes, Android serves far more people than any other system...like it or not. But the number is made up mostly of people on the cheaper lesser phones, and not the flagships. There are so many flagship phones in Android. That diffuses the numbers. In comparison to the single flagship in IOS. I may be thinking about it wrong. But that's where my thought was going...
    03-17-2016 11:19 AM
  5. hjmillre's Avatar
    Although I'm not a fan of Itunes, if you want to continue using ITunes to buy and store your songs, you can have Google seamlessly upload them all for use on your phone. Download the Music Manager from Google (https://support.google.com/googlepla.../1075570?hl=en). It installs on your desktop. Everytime you add new music to your computer, it will automatically upload it to Google's servers, and you can listen to it through Google Play Music on your device. It happens automatically. It even imports your playlists, so if you have playlists on Itunes that you like, you can access them through the Google Music app.

    The only exception I have found: We have an Itunes library that goes back quite a few years - to before the time Itunes sold DRM free songs. Older music in our Itunes library is still locked to Itunes only. Other than that, I access the same music and playlists on my android that my husband accesses on his Iphone, and I don't have to do a thing.
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    03-17-2016 01:46 PM
  6. mhettrich's Avatar
    Amen. Boggles my mind that so many people fail to comprehend this.
    Absolutely. I even find it hard to compare battery statistics with myself. For instance, I have terrible service at my house, so I know that my battery life is not going to be great while I'm home. On the other hand, I have phenomenal service at work, which results in my device lasting much longer on days I have work.
    03-17-2016 04:57 PM
  7. alodar101's Avatar
    Hey everyone, wanted to share some quick thoughts on my new S7 Edge. I have had every iphone excluding the 6s since the first. Finally switched over.

    Very premium feeling
    Extremely small compared to my 6 plus
    Screen is very vibrant
    Phone and camera are both snappy

    Audio quality is awful
    Locks up for a second or two at times
    Touchwiz and some of samsung apps are sub par

    So far I am please with my switch. Android is taking a bit to get used to but I'm getting there. Other than the audio being quite bad (may be due to water proofing) I have no real issues.
    Not long time iPhone user...but most of the last year or so. Probably more of a Windows Phone user. I agree with your Pro's, a very nice looking and feeling phone. I disagree with your Con's as iPhone exhibits the same things. Not right to call it out in 1 device and not the other.

    I think the thing I dislike about Android the most is the configuration. There's so much to learn/know. I come to these forums to find out what I should have done most of the time. My time on iPhone weaned me away from the Live tiles of Windows. I did try a Note 5 earlier, loved the looks of that one too. Battery life just killed me on that. I only have less than 24hrs into this one so far, so no idea yet on battery life. But, someone mentioned in the thread earlier, with fast charge, its really not a big deal

    Now I have to go and find out about launchers and themes. I've tried 1 launcher and it had a bug with the calendar. Apparently the stock launcher shows the correct number on the calendar. The other launchers all show the wrong number on the calendar. For some strange reason, this bugs me. Oh well...what do I know!! I used the stock launcher on my iPhone for a long time !!! hahahahah


    03-17-2016 05:39 PM
  8. xcha0tic's Avatar
    Time for some input, I've been using iPhones since the 3GS days, I have had every phone since then excluding the 5C.
    I have used a few android phones in the best, the Galaxy s5, htc one m8, nexus 5 and galaxy note edge.

    I currently have a 6S plus and using it along side my new Galaxy S7 edge.

    My last experience with droid was the note edge and that was a nightmare for me, it was extremely laggy and slow even after a factory restore and having nothing running. I can't remember off the top my head the htc and s5, they were alright but also suffered from lag if I did not close out my apps often. Being from an iPhone I didn't really have that issue to worry about so it was new. They weren't terrible experiences. The nexus 5 might have been my favorite experience it was nice and smooth. But the person who I bought it from forgot to mention on the phone no one can hear me unless I press under the camera with my finger. And some other issues put aside that the phone it self was a good experience.

    One thing I hated about my galaxys is I tend to take pictures of what I'm eating to show my friends just because its something we do. And when I do it a room or indoors the picture comes out terrible every single time.so grainy and just awful looking, while my iPhone took it just fine.

    I never had a issue with apple I've loved every phone I had and never had any real issues, the only time I had issues was when I was jailbroken and installed some tweaks that didn't bump heads nicely with each other but thats not apples fault so I'll stick to the stock mode cause than that means I need to go into roms for my droids which is a whole nother long topic.

    I never had problems with my iPhone's and always had a amazing experience, I love how optimized the phone. Just the way it works, its close to perfection to me, So snappy and responsive, it all just works very well together. The phones themselves I loved the way they looked. Aesthetically pleasing to my eye. Now for iPhone's I feel apple could innovate more and do more but they go with what just works. But I'm not complaining at all.
    Lets not forget iCloud and iMessage has became a big part of my usage on devices I've been using it for so long and all my friends and family have iPhones so iMessaging is just something I grew attached to so switching in the past to droids was hard without iMessage.I actually use to bash droids, I remember a friend of mine wanted to switch to droid and I was bashing how laggy and what they were regardless having using it before. I was a fanboy thank god times has changed. But I'm also a tech head and love testing new tech and phones so I eventually started trying other phones.

    I have been using a 6S+ and a iPhone 5. I use one for back home in the USA I need a phone to use when I go home and I'm currently studying and staying in Canada so I had gotten a iPhone 5 to pass me by. I lost it about 2 weeks ago and needed another phone. I had enough money to get the Galaxy and got it for free due to me still having my nexus 5 which I sold for $200 and my PS vita I sold for $200 as well. I went with the company videotron who had a deal for the Galaxy to be $350. I was stoked for it, It looked gorgeous and I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. I didn't know what to expect after using the note edge and that was a nightmare.

    Fast foward to release day went to videotron when it opened, they actually had only gotten 1 s7 edge? At least thats what I was told, so I got the only one and was the first s7 they sold that day. I was like a gitty school girl watching him bring the box out and take the phone out for me. I had him put it back in the box as I took it home to unbox and set up had to meet up with the police due to a incident that happen to me in november.
    Fast forward I unbox the phone, blown away by how gorgeous it looks and amazing in the hand it feels. I go through the set up and was amazed by the feature of plugging one phone into another phone with the adapter I thought that was amazing.

    Phone is all set up and good to go, I start using it and I was blown away from the performance. Nice and smooth, gorgeous looking screen. Gorgeous camera, everything was better then I expected. I got teased my gf the other day for not showing my 6S plus any love any more it just sits here as I play with my S7 all the time. Now trying to give them both the same amount of love but I find myself reaching for the S7 more. :P
    I just love how snappy and the way the phone looks, first galaxy in my eyes that can be called a iPhone rival. And a phone that would be perfectly okay with replacing my iPhone with and not miss it. Its on par with my 6S and if anything might surpass my 6S but I won't give a winner till I have more time with the S7 edge.

    I never used the edge much on my Note and its the same on the galaxy I just love the way it looks. And the edge feature is cool little feature to show to my friends and family at look what I can do lol.

    I am blown away by the S7 Samsung really have out done themselves and redeemed them selves in my eyes from my past experience. I skipped over the S6 line due to no expandable memory.

    Battery is amazing on my S7 I have no complaints on it, I haven't done a test with it most people go work all day or go to class etc.. I'm home most of the time, as my work is online and schooling is limited. So I haven't had a real world test of using it but what I do in my room really. But it does till I go to sleep and thats using the phone for a good amount of time social media, games etc..

    Here is the only pictures I've taken with the phone and blown away.
    The dog picture all I did was use the auto adjust tool and blurred the background out.

    Second picture like all my pictures on both phones I used the auto adjust tool.

    Now I'm not saying the iPhone is a slacker it was always my go to for pictures, I love my iPhone camera.
    And my Note Edge took some awesome pictures as well.
    03-18-2016 12:30 PM
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