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    Was trying to Hold out for the Note 6.
    Took my wife to Best Buy today.

    She picked up the Samsung VR gear. The samsung rep showed her how to use it.
    She freaked out with it on her head. She said this was the coolest thing she had ever seen.
    I couldn't get her attention. She said she could look out at water and look down and see fish swimming in the water below her feet. She could look to the left and see everything to the left, And look to the right and see everything to the right.
    And look up and see everything above her.
    And look behind her and see everything behind her. WoW she said.

    I was comparing the Samsung S7 Edge to the note 5. The screen is within about 1/8 of a inch as tall and the same wide 1/8 of a inch

    He was saying there is something like Facetime on Iphone on my phone. when you are talking to somebody you can press something and you can see who you are talking to , without a app to fool with. And this is going to be going between all new phones.
    Said Samsung and the carriers are working on 5G LTE for the near future.
    Can't remember everything right now.

    If you buy a new S7 or a S7 Edge they was giving the VR headset free.

    If you have a glass screen protector & put it in the VR viewer. It will break the glass screen protector.
    Do not get a glass screen protector.

    I got a Samsung S7 Edge 32 GB Gold phone.

    I also got free a 64GB Samsung EVO Plus Advanced Performance MicroSDXC uhs-1 card.

    The Samsung man took everything that was on my Samsung S6 and transferred to my S7 Edge.

    He took and checked my software for the newest update. Did the same thing on the S6 so there would be on compabilities on doing the transfer.
    He transfered everything to my Gold S7 Edge.
    Setup my Email too and google and samsung sign in.

    Then he took my Wifes S5 upgraded the software.
    he wiped and reset the S6 to get rid of everything of mine on it.
    Then he transferred everything from her S5 to the S6..

    He put a phone in the VR headset and it registered the VR and it showed it had a download for Oculus which is the download for the VR headset.
    He downloaded the app . Then he went and downloaded a free program for the VR headset. And put the phone in the VR headset .
    He did this with both my phone and the wifes S6.
    He showed the OL how to operate the controls and focus the thing.
    We just got home and are still working with everything.

    All I can say is the S7 Edge is fast . It rocks man.
    And it has a 3600 Ah battery.
    Oh yea the camera is a lot brighter than the S6 camera too.
    It has 4 Gb ram memory.

    03-12-2016 08:55 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Thanks for your thoughts!
    03-13-2016 05:28 PM

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