04-05-2016 08:27 PM
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  1. Alanhd's Avatar
    A quick update on the Chromecast I purchased, I've tried it tonight and it's working perfectly. Looks like it could have been a problem on my network. Fingers crossed i don't have any more problems.
    03-21-2016 12:58 PM
  2. flintlock's Avatar
    This whole thread is missing the point of screen mirroring. The OP mentioned formerly plugging in-the old way. The Droid X did it with a separate HDMI port.

    The S3 did it with a special accessory plug that used the micro USB port. It also had DLNA but that required wifi.

    The S4 had "screen mirroring" in settings. You turn it on and and also turn on the applet on a smart tv or peripheral like a blue ray player. It MIRRORS the screen, not just plays media. No wifi or dongle or any other purchase required.

    Checking a store model S7E the clerk showed me a setting that he said did that function. It had a different name which I forget.

    Mine isn't due till 31st. Maybe one of you can see if you can get screen mirroring with the built in feature working. Remember: no wifi or dongles.
    03-22-2016 02:41 AM
  3. Alanhd's Avatar
    The only way I can mirror my phone without the chrome cast is when I use my GF Samsung smart TV then it connects via smart view I think.
    03-22-2016 02:54 AM
  4. dman76's Avatar
    I just thought I would check back in on this again. After doing a little research, all I could find is that Chromecast needs to be connected to a network in order for it to mirror. Seems like the Fire Stick (might be useful as I have Amazon Prime) would work using Miracast. Is this right, or has someone found a way to mirror your screen to Chromecast without being connected to a network? The one thing I read about Miracast is that you have to leave your phone screen on as well so if there is any way to avoid that, it would be nice. But then again I guess the phone would be plugged in so it shouldn't matter too much. I just want to be able to either watch movies saved on my phone or connect my phone to the hotel's wifi and watch Netflix movies.
    04-05-2016 01:35 AM
  5. NexusGirlX's Avatar
    If you have a Samsung TV, it will automatically work with this phone as long as both are connected to the same WiFi. The colors on the TV won't look as nice as on the phone but it works.
    04-05-2016 02:12 AM
  6. flintlock's Avatar
    Now that I have my S7E I can answer that question.

    The feature in the phone is called smart view. You access it from the pull down menu. It works directly with modern smart tv and peripherals. At least it did with both my Panasonic tv & Sony blue ray player.

    There is nothing else to buy and it doesn't need an additional Wi-Fi connection. It just exactly mirrors the screen. Perfect!
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    04-05-2016 02:33 AM
  7. dman76's Avatar
    Does it just work with smart tvs and blu rays? I am looking for some type of dongle or portable HDMI device I can plug into a hotel tv.
    04-05-2016 02:48 AM
  8. flintlock's Avatar
    Some hotel tvs probably have it built in but they don't give you the advanced remote. Not all have changed to flat screen either, so you don't know if you're even going to have an HDMI port.

    If my blue ray came with the feature maybe the $50 Roku has it too. The blue ray only cost 50 as well, you might say it is a portable HDMI device.
    04-05-2016 07:28 AM
  9. GadgetGator's Avatar
    Wow. I just tried the Smart View and sent some photos to my TV and they looked simply amazing. Every little hair on my dogs face clearly discernable. I continue to be impressed with this phone more and more.
    04-05-2016 08:27 PM
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