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    So, I grabbed a wireless pad for my desk (this one), and I ordered a couple for the house. Now I'm looking at a wireless car mount (this one) and I got to thinking, without a removable battery to replace, can I overcharge this battery and kill it by always having it 100% (or close to it)? Granted, if I'm out and about, it will be discharging in my pockets, but I would say 75% of my week I'm either at home, at my office or in my truck, so the phone would be charging in almost all of those locations.
    03-17-2016 12:43 PM
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    Two answers:

    1. As long as you're using a decent charger that conforms to Qi specs no, you can't overcharge the battery. The phone monitors battery status and signals the charger (wired or wireless) to stop charging.

    2. But if you're using the phone heavily, draining the battery at the same time you're trying to charge it, you can get the phone and battery very hot. I've had this happen when using a Qi car charger while using the phone to navigate on a hot day. I actually got a message from the phone telling me it was too hot, and it was shutting off charging.

    Any activity that drains the battery rapidly (like Nav) heats up the battery. Charging the battery generates heat, too. Doing both at the same time makes things even worse. And wireless charging generates more heat than does wired. I gave up on wireless in the car for this reason.

    I lied (3 answers):

    3. Li batteries will last longest if maintained between about 25% and 75% of full charge. It's probably not a big deal to keep it at or near 100%, but it will have a slight impact on longevity. When at work or in the car, I'd wouldn't set it in the charger unless the level is dropping below 50%, or you know you're going to be away from a charger for a long time, and need to fully charge it before you go. I charge mine to 100% overnight, but don't keep charging it during the day until the battery start getting low.
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    03-18-2016 09:03 PM

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