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    Yesterday I was watching a film on the vr, when I took the phone out I noticed that the edge panel was gone, locked the screen and the aod was also missing. I went into settings and noticed that a few of the settings I'd changed had turned off including the settings for the lock screen, i had set it to fingerprint. Rebooted the phone but no change, had to change all the settings back manually.

    The this morning, I had a quick check of the news, put the phone down, 10 mins later I come back and the phone had obviously rebooted by itself as it asked for the password to unlock the screen.

    Not major issues to me if it's only the once but I'm not sure what's going on with it to be honest.

    Also I seem to have trouble keeping it connected to a 5ghz wifi network, random disconnects or the speed drops to almost 0, if I leave it on the 2.4 it's fine and the speed is the same at anytime. But that could be my router, not the phone.

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    03-20-2016 06:53 AM
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    Phones, being that they are essentially computers, are incapable of doing "random" things.

    You need to identify the cause of these events. If I were you, I would look very closely at utility apps such as so-called "battery savers" and notification managers (Light Flow, Light Manger, etc), non-mainstream games, and so on.
    03-20-2016 07:38 AM

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