07-10-2016 09:31 AM
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  1. Almeuit's Avatar
    Not really. Rain can fall 7 to 18 miles an hour. There's enough pressure there to penetrate.

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    Mkay -- I am not going to debate this one here. .
    03-24-2016 05:07 PM
  2. flintlock's Avatar

    1. Put on a scuba mask and swim down 8 feet without breathing some air into the mask. Note the strong pressure on your face-almost enough to break the glass.

    2. Wear same scuba mask in shower, face into the water stream-relax & enjoy.

    3. Make decision on which one had the PRESSURE.

    PS. If Samsung says right in the manual to "rinse" the phone it's more than marketing jargon. A reasonable person can expect to have confidence in a manual.
    03-24-2016 05:28 PM
  3. Almeuit's Avatar
    PS. If Samsung says right in the manual to "rinse" the phone it's more than marketing jargon. A reasonable person can expect to have confidence in a manual.
    That I can agree on. I am glad he got a replacement as it sounds like water went right in versus doing what it should.
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    03-24-2016 05:34 PM
  4. recDNA's Avatar
    My husband's s5 was dropped in the hot tub and the Samsung repair shop took it in, did a pressure check and replaced his phone. The service there was excellent. If either of our S7s go haywire I will take them there rather than TMO.
    What's a samsung repair shop? Are you in usa? Never heard of one.
    03-24-2016 10:36 PM
  5. ClintRo's Avatar
    Does rain reach terminal velocity?
    03-25-2016 07:25 AM
  6. meyerweb#CB's Avatar
    Does rain reach terminal velocity?
    Each drop will reach IT'S terminal velocity, which is not the same as your terminal velocity.
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    03-25-2016 10:20 AM
  7. ClintRo's Avatar
    It sounds fast....
    03-25-2016 11:41 AM
  8. teristark's Avatar
    What's a samsung repair shop? Are you in usa? Never heard of one.
    The one in Bedford, TX.

    After rereading my post I want to add a little more detail. They replaced it but not instantly. It took 4-5 days.
    03-25-2016 08:22 PM
  9. GadgetGator's Avatar
    i'm going to crash my car into a wall to show my family how the air bags work.
    That's quite a different sceario than ads and marketing dunking the phone just for the heck of it. No car ad shows people getting in crashes just for fun. But Samsung does show champagne being poured on a phone just for kicks.
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    03-26-2016 05:15 AM
  10. Altema22's Avatar
    So... apparently, IPX3 rating is better than an IP68 rating: " IPx3 rating means it's protected from water spray up to 60 degrees at 10L per minute, pressure of 80-100kN/m2 up to 5 mins." Note that 100 kN/m2 equals 14.5038 PSI.
    If water flowing is a problem, then you can't take it in a wading pool either. When your body moves, water will flow around it. I would think that a phone that would withstand pressure at 5 feet (2.17 PSI) would take the flow from a faucet, as long as it is not a high pressure stream. I know I wash my phone off a couple times a month (4 year old with sticky fingers), and I have carried on a conversation in the shower where pressure is pretty high. The only time I've had a problem is when something like tree sap got on the glass and would not come off. I washed it four times with water, and used soap and spray cleaner. The down volume rocker got a little wonky for a few minutes, then was fine after that.
    03-26-2016 09:15 PM
  11. Jason Bringhurst's Avatar
    So, Samsung warns against flowing water and says to rinse it if it comes in contact with another liquid.

    You know, there's more than one way to rinse things. Fill a large bowl of water, set the phone in, then remove and dry. That's considered rinsed too.
    03-27-2016 06:11 AM
  12. elnegritodecanales's Avatar
    I took my 2 weeks old S7 to the pool. Get some splash, but never was submerged in the water. The the speaker start to sound really low. I went to AT&T store, they send me to the repair place. I called Samsung and after a long time explaining and dealing thru chats, I end up having to send my phone for repair. I just think Samsung jump too soon to the claim of "WATER RESISTANCE". I was disappointed from day 1. I use to have a Note 4 that started to have battery problems and went to the AT&T store. Instead of suggesting me to get a new battery (All they want its to sell you a new one) I was "lured"to get the S7. I did not get it for the such claim of "WATER RESISTANCE", I get it because I need a phone. Same day I lost all my notes. Then I have a Samsung watch (S2 First generation) great watch on which I download an app that can use my pictures to create "faces" for the watch (I even brag to friends and said that no iWatch can do that). Then to realize that Samsung remove the app from the Play Store so you have to get the new Samsung Watch (Shame on you Samsung). I had issue connecting the Watch and some bluethoot devices, Now this. As soon as I can I going to get a new phone, probably an LG, and throw the S7 to the garbage, maybe it is "trash resistant"
    07-09-2016 08:27 PM
  13. BaconDanny's Avatar

    According to the video in this post from the official Samsung newsroom, the S7/S7 Edge is not ONLY tested according to IP68, but also IPX1, IPX2 and IPX5. So it should be able to handle pouring water and water jets. The engineers in the interview say this regarding use under water: "We would recommend against using the phones for longer periods of time under high-pressure water taps, or in the ocean or other saltwater environments." They also say: "It won’t present any problems if you use these devices under fresh water for a short time, but it is recommended that you do so according to the product specifications." So, Samsung are actually telling people, via their official channels, that it is OK to use the device under water, but not under "high pressure" taps.

    Also, these official videos from Samsung Indonesia and Samsung Malaysia make it pretty clear they encourage you to use the water resistance as a feature allowing you to take cool photos/videos in wet environments, and not just see it as a protection against accidents, right?

    The only disclaimer in these videos is "individual results may vary"

    I'd say these videos are very bold, and they use the devices in ways that present quite a lot of water pressure. If they encourage these situations, I'd say it should be able to handle the OP's gentle tap water rinse with no issues.

    In addition to these videos there are numerous commercials already mentioned, where Samsung show that it is OK to use the device in water.

    Personally, I think these videos are too brave from Samsung and they are surely gonna lead to many people ruining their brand new devices. I think we should be more careful than that

    That being said, I've had the Xperia V and Xperia Z3 and used these A LOT under water, diving headfirst into pools and the ocean and rinsing them regularly under the tap. And they have lower certification than the S7/S7 Edge. Never any problems, even after the glass back of the Z3 was cracked it never failed the water resistance.
    07-10-2016 07:08 AM
  14. BaconDanny's Avatar
    Also, in this video from a Samsung Support channel they specifically advice you to rinse the phone gently under a tap with low pressure water to clean it. So, unless you open the tap fully and blast it with full power, it should be fine. But be careful, since Samsung seem to be sending mixed signals about these things.

    The video can also be found here (just to show it comes from an official Samsung source) :

    07-10-2016 09:31 AM
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