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    I apologize for starting a new thread about this but this was just brought up in another thread with a title that no one is probably going to look at. Anyways, although I have never purchased insurance before for a phone because all I saw was what was offered by Verizon, a couple people brought up these two options and they seem quite affordable. Although I have a case and a screen protector and am very careful, it sounds like this phone may be a little more fragile than others without a curved edge. Reading a couple posts where people have gotten cracks from even small drops onto a table or something, I am seriously considering insurance for this phone. It seems where a normal phone with a case would always land on one of the edges of the case first, this phone could very easily land right on the curved part and break. So there is the Samsung Protection Plus for $129 for 2 years with a $79 deductible for accidental damage only. It sounds like they will just send you a replacement phone and you send your damaged one back. And SquareTrade for $119 for two years with a $99 deductible. Now there is a 3 year plan for $139 and although I don't plan to keep this phone that long, it does say it is transferable. So if that means you can transfer your warranty to a new phone at anytime, that only ends up being $46 per year. Anyways, just love to hear your thoughts from anyone that has used either of these companies.
    03-26-2016 05:21 PM
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    I've just spent some time on the SquareTrade site, and it raises a couple of questions. One, you can't actually see exactly what the plan covers and what the limitations & exclusions are until after you buy it. Then you can log in and review the contract you just paid for. They have a "sample" contract, but it has a lot of caveats ("...if offered at the time of purchase"). I hate to buy something sight unseen, but you do have 30 days to cancel for a full refund.

    Two, it's not clear if there are any limitations on how often they'll replace a broken phone. Samsung will do two replacements a year, which is pretty good.

    If you never file a claim, the SquareTrade plan is $10 cheaper over two years. If you get one replacement, Samsung's is $10 cheaper over two years. Two replacements, Samsung's is $30 cheaper.
    03-26-2016 11:12 PM
  3. dman76's Avatar
    One thing I did ask about them about the transferring....

    They replied and said it could not transfer to a new phone but you could just cancel the warranty and get the prorated reaming portion, which I guess basically ends up being the same thing. If you do that though and purchased the 3 years for $139 and only had the phone for two years, you would get $46 back which would end up making the 2 years only cost $92. But if we are only talking $10-$30 savings over 2 years, that is not really a concern. The service would be the most important thing and I do like that it seems like Samsung just sends your a replacement overnight.
    03-27-2016 12:36 AM

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