05-25-2017 09:17 PM
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  1. Kmcope13's Avatar
    Left my S7 Edge (UK version) on charge overnight....woke up to find it cracked. No, it hasn't been dropped etc., it's a brand new phone. Samsung customer service not interested as it's "physical damage" and want me to pay for repair!!!.... Attachment 222358Attachment 222359
    My husbands S6 edge had the same problem notice a small crack in back and it spread to the front. I called samsung they wanted me to send his phone so they could evaluate it for 2 weeks. That is his only source of communication. We've only had the phone for 3 week's. I went to the place I purchased phone, they would not help so I wrote their corporate office a nice letter and they paid for the cost of the insurance fee to replace the phone. It took a week an half fighting back and forth, but got his phone replaced. It's a defect from the battery overheating. I have read on 4 forums of this occurring to these phone's. All I can say is do not take no for an answer and make sure you have insurance on your phone, because Samsung corporate sucks and does not want to help. You basically have to send email's up the corparte ladder to get replacement. Good luck!
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    06-14-2016 09:02 PM
  2. obyrne224's Avatar
    The OP is 1000% telling the trith. Just happened to me today. I have no skin in this game or any reason to lie or deceive. I am a very loyal samsung customer: s1, s2 skyrocket (my all time favorite still), s3, s4, s5, s7 edge (not to mention my 62 and 55 ince samsung tvs and samsung surround sound & 8" tab). My s7 is 55 days old in mint condition. I hate even having 1 scratch on my phones, it will bother me for days. My s7 cracked on its own while wirelessly charging on samsungs charger.It was fine when I placed it on the charger and 30 mins later it was cracked and spidering quickly. It was lying in a samsung approved position with the volume buttons on the base. The crack originated from a very popular position on these sites, right by the bottom volume button. No physical evidence of impact such as concave cracks that can be felt or even uneven convex cracks caused by pressure. The manager denied it on the spot without hesitation and tried to sell me on their ridiculous repair, After haggling she agreed to send it out to their investigators for 2 weeks. I have very little hope on the outcome here and am beyond disappointed. Ive dropped phones before and have no qualms fixing anything that I actually broke. THe service center is there just to reject and upsell repairs. Im sure I knew more about determining if it cracked than any one employee but to not offer to ship it out for firther investigation immediately was a disgusting car salesman-like technique that i loathe. This may be the end of my Samsung loyalty depending on the outcome. Time to find someone whos not apple or samsung. So disappointed.

    This issue is widespread, just google it, while youre there google s7 edge volume button cracks too and see what a weak point this is on these phones.

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    09-30-2016 01:41 AM
  3. Martin Labaro's Avatar
    Hey, how did the investigation on your phone go?

    I left my Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge on a table of my house's sunroom today. Only a 24 degree day with the sun out. Nobody home except me, and when I came back and looked at it the screen is suddenly cracked pretty badly with the most damage seeming to have happened at the top left hand corner of the screen.

    Went on Samsung Live support and after the conversation there I am very doubtful Samsung or anyone will believe that this happened.
    10-25-2016 12:14 AM
  4. tlc98761's Avatar
    I had also bought the new Samsung S7 edge, and I found that it did overheat to the point that I could not hold the phone. Especially during charging or using certain apps.So I did buy a charger plate, instead of having the charger plug directly into the phone granted it took longer . But I agree why in case a phone in glass because I did drop my phone. And I didn't even realize that the back was made of glass, until I did accidentally dropped my phone and found out real quick, when there was a rather large crack on the back of my phone. And I went to my insurance and what should've been a simple transaction turned into a nightmare. Two different times they sent me what was supposed to be a brand-new phone in comparison to what I had damaged. Instead they send me the regular Samsung S7, and it doesn't come with certain applications that the edge did. But I went to turn it on and some other persons information popped up. So therefore it was a refurbished phone. Again I called them And told them forget the Samsung because they were having and they're still having this huge recall. And I had also bought their curve TV. Which did end up having a thermal heat crack. They first sent out the geek squad who said it was external damage when no one was anywhere near this TV. So I reported it to the Better Business Bureau and that's what I would suggest to anyone who's running into problems with Samsung . And be patient because it's been six months of back-and-forth emails with me the Better Business Bureau and this company. They finally sent out their own technicians and in fact it was a thermal heat crack. So Sam sung agreed to finally fix my TV but not to my shock that they didn't have the parts to repair it and they didn't know when they would have the parts. So now they want to receipt after all of this to prove that I purchased this TV. Which should've been the first thing they asked but they do have it on file. But at this point I am no longer going to be a loyal customer to Samsung. Their warrantee does not stand behind their product. And I would think a multibillion-dollar corporation would be willing to stand behind their product physical damage or not. The customer is always right. If you're going to spend $800 on the phone, it should at least stand up to the consumer protection act. From what I have found out, that what you see in the store is not what you get in the box. Whether it's a phone TV whatever. Because to my shock I looked on the back of my television and my TV was made in Mexico. There is no Samsung facility there. But for anyone having a problem getting issues resolved the Better Business Bureau is the place to go or the Attorney General. Because they are finally agreeing to return my money . Because I have had so many problems with their products. Between my TV and my phone I spent well over $2000. And both items broke. I would expect that for that amount of money it should last a little longer. Maybe they should rethink their strategy and not use something that is so fragile that if you walk by it it will crack. Even if you get an OtterBox case for your phone you still run the risk of it cracking if you should drop it. But I did find that if you buy a glass screen protector that will take the brunt of the fall. And hopefully not damage the screen underneath. But the new products they came out with this past year I have to say I'm extremely disappointed.
    11-01-2016 06:04 PM
  5. will Brown3's Avatar
    Sorry dude theres no way heat change caused those cracks like that
    Want to bet? I layed mine not my pillow one morning after waking up, went and showered, this took all of 10 minute's, when I got out I picked my phone up, the damn thing was blazing hot and the glass was cracked around my camera. I never once dropped my phone and I had a jelly on it, the phonew was so hot that the top right of the jelly has a permanent sag in it.
    11-17-2016 06:16 PM
  6. Favwine's Avatar
    I have a Samsung j3 phone. It was working fine at 17-20 pm one day half an hour later i could hear txt messages coming through but the screen was black.i then noticed a couple of small scratches in the top left hand corner. The phone had a tempered screen on and in a leather case.it was returned to samsung by the 3 shop, who then told me it had inpact damage and was out of warranty because of it. I was told i would have to pay for the repair myself. The phone is on contract and only 3 months old.has anyone had the same problems.
    12-01-2016 11:37 AM
  7. Tarah Sorber's Avatar
    This has happened with my friends s7 active... they are known to crack by the home button. His cracked in his pocket and he didnt do anything to it.

    I must say that is one thing i like about my Note 5 it doesnt get hot even when charging... my s7 edge got very hot...
    12-01-2016 11:56 AM
  8. NicknameHank's Avatar
    I am sending it to Samsung; the phone overheated, the glass cracked, and the cracking has since expanded. The fact is you're dead wrong, and don't have the good grace to admit there's a possibility I'm telling the truth. But in the meantime, you're calling me a liar, anyone else who says their glass shattered under similar circumstances a liar, and that we're insulting "the community" by making such outrageous claims based on damage that happened by "magic". How condescending, and you accuse me of being personal! Think what you like, it makes no difference to me, and no-one but yourself appinted yourself judge and jury. My motive in posting this was to raise awareness of an issue....that's all. If that's what you regard as treating the community "like fools", fine, but I make no apologies for it. We'll see in six months time how many more S7 Edge users have experienced the "magic".
    05-25-2017 09:13 PM
  9. NicknameHank's Avatar
    I can't believe people are saying that it won't just randomly crack for no reason as of it's a lie. I just had it happen to me too. No impact, no damage, I've babied my phone. It was on the charger, got extremely hot, then it was cracked when I went back to check on it. No one or nothing was near it.
    05-25-2017 09:17 PM
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