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    hi, i'm fairly new to Android, i made the change from apple a few months back. When i transferred my contacts from my apple to my Android, i used the app " COPY MY DATA " and that worked fine.

    having just purchased the new S7 edge, going through the set-up, instead of using the data cable to transfer, i used google backup, but now i have numerous contacts for the same person, i have tried the merging function to no avail.

    i have logged in to google on my pc to see if i can edit / tidy up contacts in there and i am a little lost to put it mildly....... if anyone can shed some light i woud be very grateful..... thankyou in advance.....

    03-29-2016 11:26 AM
  2. Gator352's Avatar
    Chris, open your contacts app. Top right you'll see MORE and tap it. Tap SETTINGS. Then tap contacts to display. Select what contacts you want displayed. If after that and it still doesnt do what you want, edit the contacts from your phone, not your pc as it will sync from your phone re adding them.

    Welcome to android!
    03-29-2016 04:25 PM

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