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    I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and I am using the stock Samsung email app (because I want the notifications when the phone is asleep or in the charging cradle). I have three separate accounts setup under the stock email app (two corporate exchange accounts and my Gmail). I have a different signature setup for each account with no problem.

    My issue is, whenever I open up the email app and open up a new message screen, the default account it starts on is the last one I used (or whichever inbox I am in) and the signature associated with that account is shown and sent just fine. My problem is, if I click the drop down and change the send from to account #2 or account #3, the signature doesn't change. I have confirmed that the email is sent from the server of account #2 or account #3 just fine, however the signature is stuck as the one that was first pulled up when the new message screen was opened.

    Unless I am missing some designed functionality, when you change your send from account, the signature should change to that account's respective signature (just like Outlook would). However, this doesn't seem to be the case.

    Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
    03-31-2016 09:57 AM

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