1. dacolenutt's Avatar
    I have purchased the Galaxy s7 on Sprint. I do a speed test in my basement and I pull 20mbs. Awesome but, when I turn on my mobile hot spot Any device I connect to the hot spot ( ps4, tablet) will pull no more than 3mbs. Has anyone else had this problem, any suggestions?
    04-02-2016 09:32 PM
  2. Almeuit's Avatar
    Are you paying for the actual hotspot?
    04-02-2016 09:40 PM
  3. dacolenutt's Avatar
    No, we do not have to. I failed to mention my wife has a G6 and when we use her mobile hotspot, we get almost the same speed from shared devices using her hotspot.

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    04-02-2016 10:02 PM
  4. Almeuit's Avatar
    No, we do not have to.
    How so? You either have limited data and get it -- or pay an extra fee for using it with an unlimited plan. I am asking since if you aren't paying for it and are seeing these reduced speeds that very well could be why.
    04-02-2016 11:16 PM
  5. dpham00's Avatar
    Assuming that it is included in your plan, I would check to see which band both devices are connected to and compare speeds side by side. Keep in mind that it can Change bands frequently. Different bands can affect speed. As well as different towers.
    04-04-2016 04:58 AM
  6. dacolenutt's Avatar
    Thank you for your reply. That actually was the first thing I tried. What ended up solving my problem was changing the security from wpa2 to open. Now this is fine for me because I'm in thecountry, but this is not optimal for a rural setting.
    04-04-2016 05:37 AM

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