06-03-2018 12:37 AM
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  1. Junkjoke's Avatar
    I have had 3 S7 Edge phones. All three have cracked on me without a single drop. 2 were replaced with Insurance claims. Since you can only do 2 claims within 12 months with SPP, I'm going to have live with this one. I'm not going to replace it with another Samsung.
    I am going to have togive all you doubters one better. With MUCH RELUCTANCE I finally traded in my S4 due to the fact it was running so terrible, would not upgrade anymore, etc...Anyways, a girl I work with has the S6 Edge and I liked it so when I finally broke down and upgraded, or should I say 'downgraded?' I decided on the S7. Now keep in mind, I had encouragedone my son to get one and couple of months earlier. He was having no issues at all with his. Anyways, my husband and I both traded our S4'site in for the S7's. Mine got SO HOT it would shut down so I had to take it back. This was less than a month after I got it. When I got the 2nd one activated, refurbished of course, which is a crock. Anyways, I got it activated, all the data transferred, the next day I was putting the expensive case on it I purchased with the first one, and it CRACKED!!! I AM P!SSED! I am the IT Administrator at a school. I deal with 400 student iPad so which I have put cases on so I know how to CAREFULLY put cases on these devices. And Verizon or Samsung neither one want to make it right. I do believe I will file a complaint with the BBB against both of them. I have not even had these phones for 2 months and do not see why I should have to pay a $200 insurance deductible..bullcrap..
    10-12-2016 08:43 PM
  2. tadpoles's Avatar
    I wonder, did anyone that's had a screen crack have a screen protector? I currently have an OtterBox Alpha Glass tempered glass and I'm hoping I won't see any spontaneous or otherwise cracks.

    I tell you, between this thread and the thread about paint peeling off of the home button it's worrying me for the longevity of my device.
    10-19-2016 06:52 PM
  3. et6555's Avatar
    Yes it definitely happens! Had mine plugged into the charger, set it on the table,
    Came back 30 minutes later and hello a hairline Crack across the screen!!!
    Attached Thumbnails Week and a half old S7 Edge screen spontaneously cracked along the volume button?-20170320_165308.jpg  
    03-27-2017 09:48 AM
  4. Darryl Norman's Avatar
    The same thing happened to my S8. I managed to use it ok for a time, knowing it would be hard to prove I hidden do the damage myself. But then after about 12 months of use the phone went dead. I tried the three button reset, even plugging power in did not work. I rang samsung they said I'll have to pay to replace the screen even if the phone was dead. They said I would cost $150. But after I drove about an hour to get to the service center. They told me it would cost $250. To fix thier bad design It was going to cost me more that the phone is worth. Samsung was neither helpful or apologetic. I left leaving the brick on the counter.
    06-03-2018 12:37 AM
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