1. PsychDoc's Avatar
    I think the model designation is "S2 d9bf." Does anyone know which one this is? On the Samsung website there is a "Classic" and a (presumably different) "S2." Is the one I received the BT model or the 3g model.

    Also once I paired it to my phone via BT it prompted me to make a call. This brought me to an automated Verizon device registration site. Because I was worried that if I completed this process I'd be charged another monthly fee I dumped out of this. Can anyone tell me if the watch is viewed by Verizon as an independent device and, thus, another device on your account (for which you'd be charged) or does it simply use the linked phone to place the call.

    I'm confused. Help! 😀
    04-13-2016 05:56 AM
  2. PJRed2008's Avatar
    There are numerous threads here about the S2. Its the 3G model, no you don't have to have a Verizon line to use it via BT, yes its considered a 'device' by Verizon.
    04-13-2016 11:44 AM

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