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    I installed Nova Launcher on my SG8 Edge and also installed the app All in One Gestures to be able to use swipe gestures for some handy shortcuts.

    I was pretty impressed with the app except for 2 problems.

    1. I found that the swipe from bottom gesture interfered with the space key on my keyboard. When I thought I typed a space, I was actually hitting part of the app 's swipe hotspot and no space was registering.

    2. I installed and enabled it yesterday and played around with it until I went to sleep. I had a full charge at 6:00pm and was surprised that I was at just above 30% before I went to sleep. I didn't think much of it because I was installing and configuring a bunch of apps. When I went to sleep I out the phone (Sg7 Edge) on it's charger. When I woke up, the phone was only at 55%! Today, the battery was draining quickly. I looked at my battery settings and saw that the app was consuming 34% of my battery.

    I Uninstaller the app and a little while later took the following screen shot of my battery usage. It's pretty clear at which point I Uninstaller the app.

    Is anyone else experiencing this issue? I saw a comment in the reviews for the app that someone else experienced a drain after the last update (~January 2016). It's a shame since o could live with the first problem I described if the app wasn't munching battery.

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    04-14-2016 12:06 AM
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    Funnily. I was just thinking how much I missed one gesture from my blackberry days of using a passport. In email if you wanted to see unread only emails. You pinched the screen. To expand it back out it was the opposite gesture. Would be great to have this in Android.
    04-14-2016 03:55 AM

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