08-16-2017 05:10 PM
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  1. Dngrsone's Avatar
    When we say "static image" in this context, we are taking about portions of your display holding the same or very similar images or content for long periods of time.

    For instance, if you have the clock constantly shown on your screen, then over time the portions of the display which show the time and date will be darker... This is the burn-in everyone is taking about.

    To see an example of burn-in on a cathode ray tube, find an arcade and look at a video game display. You will likely see a discolored pattern that clearly resembles one regularly shown by whichever game the display spent a long time running (the displays are sometimes recycled into other game machines, so the game you are looking at might be say Space Invaders, but the burned-in pattern is clearly the Pac-Man maze).

    As someone mentioned already, burn-in can and will happen eventually to any kind of display. Just as the red LED on my S4 is dimmer now than it was when new, two years ago.
    01-15-2017 02:50 PM
  2. caveman84's Avatar
    Burn in can happen on all displays, not just AMOLED. And, leaving static images on screen for extended periods is considered abuse by most panel manufacturers. Just don't leave static images on for hours on end and you won't have an issue.

    Burn in is a user error issue, not a manufacturing issue.
    While it is true that burn in happens on all displays, however, amoled screens, no just samsungs iteration, is vastly more susceptible to burn ins than LCD type displays. That is a cold fact that cannot be argued with no matter how much we love our amoled screens. I dont mean to old head members on this forum but i have been with Samsungs and other type amoled screens since day one going all the way back to samsung omnia with symbian s60 days.
    01-15-2017 05:20 PM
  3. 1812dave's Avatar
    As I write this, I'm running a many-hours-long session of a screen burn-in fixer app, in hopes of removing a bunch of burned in screen elements (notification bar icons, and other elements) from my Note 2, which I use along side my S7. Anyone who doesn't think an OLED phone can get annoying burn-in is out of touch w/ the reality of AMOLED screen issues. Because of the burn in, I avoid playing my fav word game (Word Chums), on my S7--bright yellow and bright blue in that app caused much burn-in on my Note 2.
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    02-04-2017 12:30 PM
  4. northico's Avatar
    It is clear to me. AMOLED is way way way ahead. IPS etc. can not compete in quality of the picture. No way. Every single AMOLED pixel is evenly lit. You can watch the screen from any angle. And main thing is that AMOLED is able to "produce" total blackness! Finally, after such a struggle with LCD technology in case of blackness, for years. Now, to watch movies like Alien or to display night photo shots or normal daylight pics where you expect highest contrast possible, AMOLED is only solution. Other technologies look like crap compared to it. Lets face it, LCD, IPS etc. is dead technology. Even Apple is dealing with Samsung, to secure their OLED displays for iphones. It is inevitable. From the day when Apple users will see AMOLED displays incorporated in their phones, they will ditch their old iphones and never go back to them. That is clear. IPS is cheap crap technology for people who has no expectations. OLED is different story.
    04-27-2017 02:02 AM
  5. witne2s's Avatar
    Got a used s7 edge for a decent price. Yet, one problem is that screen looks comparable to my dated lg g2. To show you the burn in problem I opened a completely white image and made photo of the screen and enhanced it:
    How bad is the Amoled screen burn-in problem?-2017-06-12-2216-p6120828.jpg
    Can you guess which game previous owner has been playing?
    So, this things bugs me a lot. Especially the fact that i can sometimes read a word "score" on the screen.
    Attached Thumbnails How bad is the Amoled screen burn-in problem?-2017-06-12-22.27.00.jpg  
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    06-13-2017 10:29 PM
  6. Ceyanne's Avatar
    My mom's s7 edge has solitaire burned into the screen. She's had her phone maybe a year and a half?
    07-01-2017 05:47 PM
  7. Star1child's Avatar
    I have family members and friends that have Galaxy models with horrific screen burn. As much as I like every other aspect of the Galaxy range (especially the Edge variants) it's bad enough now to make me reconsider an S8 plus model that I've put a deposit on.

    I did myself previously own a Note and then an S7 Edge. I had these for such a short period of time before selling them on, that they were basically gone before the organic blue pixels had a chance to degrade and the effects become noticeable. Now when I see that Galaxy Note which was purchased some time ago by a friend, it looks horrendous. Equally two galaxy phones I brought as a gift for my parents approx 2 years ago equally look terrible despite one being used considerably less than the other.

    AMOLED maybe more superior in the quality of it's displayed 'blacks' on the screen which I love because I hate light seepage through pixels trying to block light, however nothing is more unsightly & offensive than visible screen burn and washed-out whites.

    So I'm prepared to lose the deposit on the otherwise beautiful S8 plus I was so hoping to get and to keep longer than my previous two Galaxy phones. Even though it's a brand new phone and the problem may not become visible for the initial period of time, I tend to be a heavy user and therefore would suffer burn-in probably soon or after only a year where as I would expect significantly longer for the problem to be more acceptable.
    08-13-2017 02:55 AM
  8. Tsepz_GP's Avatar
    My 3yearold Galaxy Note 4 does not have burn-in and my almost yearold S7 Edge seems fine to.

    I must be lucky. I usually keep my phones at 40-50% brightness and I use AMOLED Cinema.
    08-14-2017 02:43 PM
  9. chanchan05's Avatar
    How in the world are you burning in screens like this? I know it's possible but really? I've got 4, 5 year old AMOLEDs with no burn ins.
    08-16-2017 04:06 AM
  10. Tsepz_GP's Avatar
    How in the world are you burning in screens like this? I know it's possible but really? I've got 4, 5 year old AMOLEDs with no burn ins.
    I'm wondering the same thing.

    I use my phone heavily, always on Whatsapp Groups, Email, Instagram, Snapchat, FB, Tapatalk, Premier League app, LinkedIn, Web browsing and watching a ton of YouTube, and yet no burn in.

    Maybe the people who get burn-in are those who only do certain specific tasks e.g. playing Candy Crush a lot.
    08-16-2017 05:10 PM
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