1. Paullyb25's Avatar
    Hi all. I'm a newbie so please be gentle!

    I have a new (well, I've had it for a month now) Galaxy S7 edge. I bought a reasonably priced screen protector which does cover the edges but it keeps getting bubbles at the corners and is really starting to annoy me.

    I have the Samsung flip case which I really like so I'm guessing this rules out getting a tempered glass protector so I'm stuck with a normal film or go without. Just wondered if others have had the same dilemma? Any advice/help would be appreciated. Love the phone by the way!! :-
    04-21-2016 10:24 AM
  2. PJRed2008's Avatar
    There are already a number of threads dealing with screen protectors. Look them over and see if you still have a question. There are currently no glass protectors for the Edge that work. Still waiting for Zagg.
    04-21-2016 10:33 AM
  3. Paullyb25's Avatar
    Cool. Many thanks.
    04-21-2016 10:38 AM
  4. Rukbat's Avatar
    My take on screen protectors:

    The harder the protector, the less likely it is to be scratched. But the MORE likely it is to break.

    Conversely, the softer the protector, the less likely it is to break. (Break Jell-o by dropping a bag of it.) When I have an unprotected phone, I use one of the 3/$5 plastic protectors. I've had them last in pretty good shape for a few years, and replacing them doesn't cost much and isn't difficult. It'll scratch, sure, but tapping it on something hard won't cause it to break, it'll actually absorb a tiny bit of the shock.
    04-22-2016 11:58 AM
  5. llckll's Avatar
    I have the Skinomi skin applied to the front. It's a softer screen protector but does the job extremely well. It's a wet application so once it dries, the corners will not peel off.
    04-22-2016 12:10 PM
  6. meyerweb#CB's Avatar
    I've not used a screen protector on any phone since the Palm Treo. And I've yet to have any problems as a result. I am using a thin case on the S7e, but not a screen protector. I treat my phones pretty carefully, and I'm not too worried about a few scratches.
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    04-22-2016 03:53 PM
  7. ogio's Avatar
    I tried being careful and got some random scratches.
    Then i got a replacement phone and put a protector on. And it's gotten scratched up. Don't ask me how, but if rather slap on a new protector every so often and not have any permanent scratches.
    04-22-2016 05:45 PM
  8. felloffthetruck's Avatar
    The S7 edge seems to scratch real easy, protector is a must unless you can live with scratches.
    I'm using the Bodyguardz HD Curved and It's the best film protector for now.
    04-22-2016 06:08 PM
  9. JHStewart1023's Avatar
    You've got to protect the edge screen.... it's a fragile thing. Even I having the s7 tried to go without protection and it drove me nuts. Yeah most of the protectors leave halos on the s7 and the edge really doesn't have any good glass protection- I had skinomi on my s6 edge and it worked well.

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    04-23-2016 05:59 AM

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