1. Deakon67's Avatar
    I just set up my phone with the wireless printer (Lexmark plug-in). It says it is connected..

    When I tap on 'print' (in any app, gallery, email, etc..) there is a screen that pops up. Presumably to review the print job before sending it. This screen will only stay up for a second at most and thus I can't print anything. I've tried this tons of times and only got a 'Print Spooler has crashed' message twice.
    I've tried resetting, clearing cache, uninstalling...

    Has anyone else experience this problem?
    Do I just have to wait for 'Print Spooler' to come out with a fix?

    (I found a workaround using a Lexmark dedicated printing app, but it doesn't give you any options. So I would rather use the regular printing app)

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. (I tried using the search but all I got were a bunch of threads having to do with fingerprints)

    Edit: Also, would someone be so kind as to post a screenshot of the print screen? Just so I can see what I'm missing.. and to know if i'm being severely limited with that other app.
    04-21-2016 03:01 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    I just tried it (I normally use Cloud Print, from back before Android had native printing, so I never saw it before). It goes to Google Print, which gives you a choice of printers, copies, paper size, color (or B/W), orientation and which pages to print. Something tells me it's hanging on the choice of printers you have attached to Google (I believe that you have to connect them using Chrome).
    04-21-2016 03:48 PM
  3. Deakon67's Avatar
    Thanks for the info! -Turns out after I did the 'home/volume up/power' restart and cleared cache that way.. it works!
    04-21-2016 11:30 PM

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