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    Hey everyone,
    As you can probably tell from my post count, I don't post often, but I do like to lurk & read what everyone has to say every so often!

    About a year ago, My Samsung Galaxy S4 seem like it was taking a toll. I dropped it (well it fell out of my lap getting out of the car from the passenger side - only time I ever dropped it) & the glass shattered but had it repaired a week later for about $100. But a few weeks ago, my headphone jack no longer worked, and I could charge it anymore - so I just kept charging batteries & replacing them 2-3 times a day :-/ It started to get annoying so I said screw it, & I bought the phone outright from AT&T (silver). It's the most beautiful phone I ever laid eyes on!

    I purchased it yesterday afternoon (4/23) & so far I absolutely love it! I just purchased wireless charging pads for $15 on Amazon which will be awesome to have, so I don't have to wear out the bottom/ plug. And of course I ran out & purchased a 200GB SD card. It's the main reason why I didn't go for the 6 because of the lack of storage I would have. I went to over 200 concerts between 2014 & 2015, interviewed many bands & took many photos & videos, so I use up the storage pretty quickly!

    Anyway, it's great so far having this phone. I feel like every time I pick it up, I discover something new about it. I am still lacking confidence though in putting it in water. I do own an in-ground pool, so maybe over the summer I can get over my fear and start bringing it poolside but I don't think I'll ever swim with it!

    Some things I love about it so far:
    • Camera seems amazing. Loads much after too than the S4
    • 200GB+ Storage. I may be able to go a month in a half without exporting the data to a hard drive!
    • The screen is beautiful. My S4, I felt I always needed on full brightness for the full experience. On the S7 Edge, I feel like the brightness only needs to be 25% for the the full experience!

    Some things I don't like, & if anyone has any advice that would be awesome!
    • The battery doesn't last as long as I was hoping it would. I also found it lags when on power saving (especially when switching between apps and switching pages from the main/ home screen)
    • The sound/ volume isn't loud at all. But I am happy it's on the bottom and not the back. I can finally have my phone face up & listen to music at the same time, lol.
    • I feel the home button is too thick or loose. I'm not sure if that's the build, but I don't like the 'click' it makes whenever I press it. I think it was pretty flat on the S4 (or maybe I wore it down so much it flattened over the last 3 years?)
    • I feel like if I drop it, I'm a gonner because of the build of the glass. I live a little dangerously & do not use a case.

    Anyway, overall I love it. Rest of my family has an iPhone & I still laugh at them.

    If anyone has any tips/ tricks/ new apps / software to try, I'm willing to try anything once (except put the phone in water, haha!) and again, I'm loving it & hope it lasts me at least 3 years like the S4 did.

    04-25-2016 12:05 AM
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    Give the battery a little time. I have had my S7 for 3 weeks and the battery leveled out to being impressive after a week or so.
    I don't always use fast charging. I feel like fast charge is for when you need a fast charge. if I am sitting and watching TV, there is no need for fast charge so I turn it off.
    I haven't ever used power saving mode, so I can't help there.
    Button seems fine to me. Mine isn't "loose" at all. I like the 'click' feel ( feedback )
    If you drop it, it will likely break. I never use cases. I am just careful instead.

    I will say, download all your stuff. play around with themes etc. after you find out how you like your device, I would do a factory reset and install just what you want.
    Don't forget to disable anything you don't use.

    Here is one thing I found killing my battery at first. if you go to settings and application manager, look at permissions.
    I had a local food place (an app) had access to mic, camera, location etc and it was using location ALL the time.
    After I went thru each app and turned off a bunch of permission, my battery life almost doubled.
    (after I did a factory reset and clean install of everything )

    Don't get me wrong. I run a bunch of apps and I am not turning off stuff I might want. I am just removing stupid stuff that has no business using my mic or camera or location or photos etc.
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    04-25-2016 01:45 AM

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