1. the game 161's Avatar
    Gave in at last, arrives tomorrow

    will be 2nd phone with my 6s plus

    Anything I need to turn off when I get it? Like animations?
    04-28-2016 11:11 AM
  2. aldo82's Avatar
    That's up to you. It's a great phone, I would just use it as it is and see how you get on. If anything annoys you over time then switch it off or get a different app to do it differently

    Posted via the Android Central App
    04-28-2016 11:15 AM
  3. GeekMoxie's Avatar
    This phone is super speedy. I didn't turn off anything except disabling some of the bloatware apps that Verizon/Samsung stuck me with. It's been running really well and I don't regret the switching from iOS. I agree with Aldo - as you're setting it up, you can just disable as you go. I personally went through every setting and then did my app installations.
    04-28-2016 11:19 AM

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