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    i'm getting my s7 edge tomorrow. coming from an iPhone, i question repairs.

    with an iPhone i just stop by apple store, pay my 100-120 for repair and walk. with s7 edge, its going to be different. i checked my local 3rd party smart phone repair places websites and they don't seem to be doing s7 or s7 edge repairs yet.

    my question to the group...

    what did you do for insurance?
    what are you going to do to fix a broken screen if it happens to you?

    i don't necessarily need protection from theft (or water damage now), but would like to now i'm covered if the screen should ever break. i am on verizon for those who will consider the carrier coverage.

    Thanks, Cody
    05-13-2016 02:06 PM
  2. meyerweb#CB's Avatar

    Carrier coverage is, in my opinion, way to expensive unless you have a habit of losing your phone, or are really worried about it getting stolen. Verizon charges $11 / month + a $200 deductible. If you break your screen after a year, you've spent $330. You could probably buy a new S7 Edge for not much more than that, and certainly could get a refurb for that. If you keep your phone another year, you've spent $264 on premiums alone, plus any deductibles.

    Samsung Protect costs $129 for 2 years of coverage, plus $79 deductible per claim for a damaged device. It doesn't cover theft or loss, though. Some people use Square Trade; I have no experience with it, but do some searches on the forums and with Google and you'll find more info.

    Whether insurance is worth it, and which plan is best for you, really depends on how long you keep your phones and how prone you are to breaking them. Have a long history of breaking screens? A lower deductible may mean more than a low premium. Also look at how many replacements you're allowed. Samsung Protect limits you to two a year.

    Get new phones every time something flashy catches your eye? A monthly premium may make more sense than a one-time fee. Never, ever, broken a phone? Maybe insurance is a waste of money (but the Edge seems more fragile than many other phones).

    Oh, people are reporting prices between $250 and $275 to replace the glass / OLED / digitizer assembly.
    05-13-2016 03:01 PM

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