1. David Rosen's Avatar
    This might (hopefully) be a one time issue, but last night I fell asleep on the couch with my phone laying there. I'm pretty sure I had like 80% battery or so (I had been playing Playstation with it plugged in next to me for a while, and I had started really low like 14% or something. Anyway I think I saw around 80% when I was getting tired, and I unplugged it. Then I fell asleep. I woke up and it was dead, 0%.

    Even if it was half that, like 40%, that's a lot to drain over night.

    I haven't installed anything new... certainly some automatic updates could have happened, but I don't know.

    Any ideas or anything I should look at to find out what happened? I have it plugged in now charging.
    06-14-2016 09:33 AM
  2. tshirttan408's Avatar
    Impossible to tell without seeing your battery stats from that period.
    06-14-2016 10:17 AM
  3. anon(238680)'s Avatar
    I've had a couple times when some app ran amuck and starting killing the battery. Rebooting and recharging should correct the problem. If you can pinpoint that it's a specific app, then clear cache and data and stop it. Otherwise you can uninstall and reload it.

    I've seen more instances of this type of problem with this phone than any I've had in the past.
    06-14-2016 10:47 AM
  4. anon(5719825)'s Avatar
    It was likely an app that continued running in the background.

    I have an app that will occasionally do this. I've gotten in the habit of closing out all apps before I unplug from the charger each time or if I see the battery start to drop at a fast rate. It works.
    06-14-2016 12:58 PM
  5. David Rosen's Avatar
    i guess i'll look at it as a fluke for now and if it happens again i'll have to monitor battery for a few days or something.
    06-14-2016 07:59 PM

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