1. BillPhillips's Avatar
    Before I got my s7 Edge (just a couple of weeks ago) I had a Note 3. On the Note 3, the bottom left tap (next to the start button) brought up a menu list of options for whatever app was open on the screen. This was very useful. On the s7 Edge, the bottom left tap is completely different. It brings up the list of open apps and allows you to close them all, or turn off selected ones. This is a dramatic change in Samsung phone functions, and has created some problems for me.

    Has anyone else had concern about this change on Samsung phones? It took me a couple of days, for instance, to figure out how to block a a nuisance phone call.

    Though, I realize now that the bottom left menu click was often redundant, it offered a consistent reliability in finding options on an app page. In Wikipedia, for example, the bottom left click on the Note 3 showed a "find in page" option. On the s7 Edge, it took a while to find out that the same option is embedded in the Wikipedia app.

    Just wondering what others have thought of this change in Samsung phone formatting. Frankly, the jump from Galaxy Note 3 to Galaxy s7 Edge has been a bit difficult. When most of us are on 2 yr cell phone plans, we are not going to change phones any sooner than 2 years, and by that time the learning curve for the new phone has jumped so far ahead that the adjustment is difficult.

    Of course, the s7 Edge is a spectacular piece of technical wizardry. The Google maps is way more advanced than it was on the Note 3. And, this pocket sized computer has much more capability than my desktop did 10 years ago.
    06-18-2016 05:41 AM
  2. chanchan05's Avatar
    Didn't bother me much. This wasn't actually Samsung who changed it but Google's implementation of Android. And with the apps following suit of not supporting a menu button anymore, it would be more difficult for Samsung as the only manufacturer left with a menu button which in some cases may not work. In places where they do work however, the old menu button function is copied by a long press of the back button.
    06-18-2016 06:05 AM
  3. B0omSLanG's Avatar
    Wait, have you tried to long press the bottom right capacitive button? Just hold it for 2 seconds. Occasionally, I make use of that because I come from the Note line as well.
    06-18-2016 02:30 PM
  4. BillPhillips's Avatar
    Splendid! Who would have guessed? Tap and hold on the back button. Bingo, it did it. But, still, I wonder if the change in finding the menu options was necessary. Thanks, ChanChan, for telling me it was Google and not Samsung. Don't mess with Google, huh? Well, it is a major change from the Note 3 to the s7 Edge, though now I understand it was Google. Holding down the start button on the Note 3 would bring up the list of open apps. Now, on the Edge, it brings up Google search.

    So, it's been two weeks with my new Edge, and I'm still inadvertently tapping the wrong spot for these major functions. I will get used to it, but I'm wondering what will change two years from now when I get my next phone. I would caution "over eager" programmers to be very slow to change major functions. There are those of us who do not enjoy tinkering with our devices 24/7 and like some things to stay the same.... year after year.

    Best regards,
    Bill Phillips
    Durham, NC
    06-19-2016 04:13 AM

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