1. jmacca85's Avatar
    Hey Guys,

    I have always been an iPhone user and I was told the Samsung S7 Edge would be the best move for my business for the apps we use for Security Patrols...

    Since doing so Telstra our biggest provider couldn't set me up with call waiting for 1.5 months but my voicemail worked, then they figured out get rid of voicemail and call waiting works...

    Is this seriously the case with all S7 Edge that you can't use Voicemail and Call Waiting at the same time?

    Now if I miss a call it tells my clients my phone is forwarded to a unknown number!

    Please help...I also can't send emails from the Email app but can send gmail stuff...

    Thanks guys

    06-18-2016 05:46 AM
  2. chanchan05's Avatar
    I don't use voice mail so I can't help with that.

    But I'm a bit confused about the you can't send emails but can send gmail stuff. Aren't sending Gmail stuff emails?
    06-18-2016 05:58 AM
  3. jmacca85's Avatar
    I have a business so I have about 5 non gmail accounts on my iphone could send no worries now I changed and I have all these issues
    06-18-2016 08:09 AM

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