1. Hock3y Monk3y29's Avatar
    So I have always been an Android user, but I went to iPhone 6S plus simply because of battery, reliability, and iMessage. I am hoping these have all been solved by now with the S7 Edge. I expect battery to be even better than iPhone with the 3600 mAh battery and snapdragon 820, is this correct? I am a very heavy user. I am guessing Samsung has also gotten its game together with reliability, but I just wanted to make sure that isn't an issue. Lastly, I hate that videos and pictures are such low resolution when sent over sms, along with the fact that long sms messages are split up into a billion texts that are out of order when sent...is there a fix to this? Maybe Google Allo?
    06-18-2016 05:23 PM
  2. chanchan05's Avatar
    1. Battery was never really a problem in my experience. It depends really on how you use it. The main difference is how everything works. Android actually allows apps to run in background and stay in suspended mode longer than on iOS. The problem sometimes is that people seem to think pressing the home button is the exit button. Personally, I get about 0.8%/hr battery drain when wifi and mobile data off. This bumps up to 3% an hour on 4G. Then of course this jumps up higher when the phone is in active use, depending what you are doing.

    2. I've never had a problem with reliability on Android ever since the Note 2, so not sure what to say to you there.

    3. This will never be fixed because that is how SMS and MMS works. They only allow a limited amount of data, typically 300kb of data per MMS. iOS gets around this with iMessage because it doesn't use those protocols, but rather it uses Apple Servers to send videos and pictures. Think of it as Facebook Messenger, that also handles SMS. Android tried to push Hangouts with integrated SMS to its users a while back but not a lot of people cared. Basically it's not like there was a problem actually sending videos over MMS in Android, its about people not understanding why it's different. Then the problem where Apple does not allow Android access to iMessage servers, hence Android cannot send or receive these videos and pictures without compression.
    06-18-2016 06:02 PM
  3. jazz70's Avatar
    assuming you have had a s7e since your 5/31/2016 post that started with
    I just got the S7 Edge.....

    imho in the weeks you have had your phone it seems you would have come to some conclusions to most of the questions you are asking about the s7e

    my experience with my s7e pretty much parallels what chanchan05 says in the post above so no need for me to elaborate much because it is covered in that post
    06-18-2016 06:27 PM

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