1. awriternot's Avatar
    Help! All of a sudden, yesterday, my phone froze and half of the screen went white. Oh & there is a blue horizontal line scrolling up & down.

    I did several hard power downs because any button I hit kept drawing the notification bar down. It was totally unresponsive. I could hit the power button and the reset screen would pop up but it would not let me select reboot.

    Finally, after about the 15th time of hard rebooting it, it started working just fine.

    Well, it did it again today and I'm totally locked out. It's on the screen where it says to enter my PIN because it was reboot. The screen is white all the way down to the number pad and that pretty blue line is going.

    It behaves the exact way in Safe mode too. I have not dropped it or gotten it wet.

    I did have it plugged into a portable charge yesterday when it happened but I don't know if it was coincidence. I see tons about black screens but has anyone had issues like mine.

    I know I'm about to have to do a factory reset but... I'm holding out to see if I can get in one more time... I have two games that I don't want to lose progress.... Lol

    The only way to save progress is to link to FB and I've held out so far but I'm on level 180 and I'm not trying to start over! Lolol. Crafty Candy is addicting.

    But really. Any advice? I read somewhere that hitting the home screen three times helped. Nope.
    I've taken the SD card out... Nope.


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    06-18-2016 09:17 PM
  2. mitul_mehta's Avatar
    Go to a service centre.. seems like a hardware issue..
    06-18-2016 09:20 PM

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