1. ricecooker888's Avatar
    So last week, I decided to send my device in for a repair, as I dropped my phone twice on hard concrete and there were dents and scratches on the side metal frame of the phone. Here's the Samsung customer rep acknowledgement:

    Action: Raising SO
    Nafis Ahmed [ 2184003898 ] 12.06.2016 15:45:48
    Query: Customer states there are deep dents and scratches on the metal
    frame/bottom of hisdevice. Would like device in for repair.

    It was a smooth experience, UPS came to collect, box provided, simple. I notice it is being sent to a "A Novo UK LTD", so maybe Samsung outsource their repair work? I didn't think much, as it's Samsung, I should rest assured that it is to be trusted. Then came the email from the "engineer" quoting a £207 repair charge and a suspicious picture:

    Samsung repair experience-31368808.jpg

    I was shocked. First, that scratch was NOT there before. Second, which part of the phone is this? My phone is black s7 edge. Now this scratch is far from what my phone had, I clearly described it to be on the metal frame of the side phone. So I quickly emailed Samsung, and they replied saying they stand by what the engineers said.

    Now I have an extra scratch on my phone, and the sad part is, I did not take pictures before sending to proof, only my description of the damage that I wanted repaired.

    What can I do? Any advice would be appreciated!
    06-23-2016 08:28 AM
  2. t11rmh's Avatar
    That looks like a scratch on a gold phone not your black one. I would tell them this and ask them to check the imei number on this phone to ascertain that it is not yours. And when they have done that give them hell...

    Posted via the Android Central App via a kicking Gold Galaxy S7 Edge.
    06-23-2016 11:46 AM
  3. Alanhd's Avatar
    Anovo have nothing but bad press from all the forums I visit, Mainly for claiming water damage when non exist but from what ive read there are instances of other claimed damage.

    I've no idea how Samsung came to be using these idiots.
    06-23-2016 12:32 PM
  4. shanghaichica's Avatar
    Ok the scratch isn't consistent with the state of your phone but you admit that your phone was damaged through accidentally dropping it. Therefore you were always going to be charged to have it repaired. I think the issue here is whether or not you think that it's worth paying £200 to have it fixed.
    06-23-2016 07:45 PM
  5. Alanhd's Avatar
    I don't think the issue is the cost. I think the real issue is the integrity of the repairer. If it's the wrong phone they are incompetent and if it's damage they caused then that's wrong on so many levels.
    I think this is reminder to allows photograph your phone from all angles before sending it off.
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    06-24-2016 02:48 AM
  6. ricecooker888's Avatar
    So i got an email from ANOVO explaining the picture:

    "Good Afternoon

    Thank-you for the e-mail,

    I have had a look on the job details for you and I can see the quote is raised for a crack in the LCD, which is the image provided to you"

    I challenged them by replying there was no such damage before, and that I clearly described the actual damages (dents and scratches on the metal frame side of the phone) I wanted repair for. Then they replied:


    The damage we have found on the device, would not be visible to see by eye,

    So there is no crack on the top layer of the screen"

    First they say the scratch on the picture is a crack. Now they say it is not visible by eye... This company is not to be trusted!
    06-24-2016 09:01 AM
  7. ricecooker888's Avatar
    Speaking of which, doesn't the s7 edge use OLED which is totally different from LCD? Why would they describe it as LCD?
    06-24-2016 09:16 AM

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