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    The purpose of this post is to serve as a lesson for investigating battery life usage. I have always had great battery life on my S7E. Suddenly (and without warning) it sucked. 5-8% per hour, barely make it through the day. Nothing interesting in the battery stats. Android System was using it all up. More information required.

    So I installed GSAM Battery Monitor. It revealed that wifi was running constantly and was the culprit. A while without wifi on and battery usage dropped. Hmm. Started poking around. I use Box rather extensively for my office and work document storage. Since I have a virtually infinite amount of free storage I use it to backup all my phone's photos. No compression like with Google. There is an app called photosync for box. What I found was that it was stuck uploading the same picture over and over. I had it set to upload only when connected to wifi. That app never appeared in any battery life stats, not even with GSAM. But I told the sync app to ignore existing photos, and viola, normal excellent battery life. I then took a picture just to make sure it would upload. It did.

    My point in this tale is that investigating battery life culprits is a 'divide and conquer' investigatory exercise. GSAM seems excellent for revealing good information. But you have to use the tools available to investigate, learn and try one thing at a time until the source of the problem is found. The scientific method. Don't just jump to the conclusion that your phone is broke or that the phone sucks. Never make two changes (or more) at once, as then you don't know which one was the one.

    This is just one guy's thoughts on something we all seem to go through from time to time and hope someone finds it helpful. YMMV.
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    06-28-2016 09:28 AM
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    thank you for the insight. gsam seems to do wonders for everyone here. i'm glad you fixed your problem
    06-28-2016 11:14 AM

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