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    I bought a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, SM-G935F Duos from Amazon on July 1, 2016 and sent it out of the country, specifically Liberia. The phone was stolen from my brother car by one of the people he was giving ride to Saturday night. I used it here for about two days before sending it on my T-Mobile service. The phone did not have any locked screen pin on it but I did use Android Device Manager to send a screen locked pin to it. The carrier, Cellcom sim card that was in it doesn't have the ability to blocked IMEI like here in the US. It rang for the first 24 hours it was stolen but now off. I contacted Samsung to help but I was told, they can not really do much since it is an international model. Aside from sending screen locked pin request and wiping the phone out (that I have not done yet), is there anything else that can be done?
    07-11-2016 09:53 PM

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