1. Ladylishous's Avatar
    Hi I'm new to android cental. I've recently purchased a new Samsung Galaxy S7 edge which I absolutely love. Can anyone recommend the best curved glass screen protector.
    07-22-2016 06:37 AM
  2. sydneycooper1979's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Zagg has a curved protector that is supposed to be pretty good. Also Amazon can be a great place to check as well. Good luck with your search!
    07-22-2016 11:56 AM
  3. jeetu4444's Avatar
    I tried many tempered glass but none work well with s7 edge...and many screen guards don't fit on the edges...best I have used is amor suit

    posted from Limited red and gold Lumia 950, Beautiful S7 Edge gold or Surface pro 4
    07-22-2016 07:21 PM
  4. PJRed2008's Avatar
    Zagg has the only glass screen protector worth considering and from most comments, it doesn't work that well. They are only glued on the edges and IIRC won't work with most cases. Get a good non-glass protector and call it good.
    07-22-2016 08:57 PM
  5. optimummind's Avatar
    GPEL 2nd-gen TGSP is good. Compatible, of course, with thin-fit type phone cases.
    07-23-2016 12:56 AM
  6. underway99's Avatar
    GPEL 2nd-gen TGSP is good. Compatible, of course, with thin-fit type phone cases.
    The GPEL may be OK with very thin cases, but not if you want anything more than scratch protection in your pocket or bag. I bought and returned the GPEL glass screen protector just a few days ago. It had a 1 mm overhang on the edges that was a magnet for dust and lint. I couldn't have used it even if I had wanted to go without a case. I also had difficulty in finding a relatively rigid case to go with it. It didn't even fit with my Spigen Neo-Hybrid Crystal case, which is TPU with a thin rigid support ring.

    This is part of my email string with GPEL customer service:


    At .33 mm the glass protector is relatively thin but can make the difference in fitting with less flexible cases, which unfortunately probably means the heavier duty cases. However here's a list of cases reported to work/not work by our customers, but it's not guaranteed due to Samsung's 5% margin of error in the manufacturing of each Edge device which unfortunately results in enough variation on some devices to cause problems with our screen protector since it's produced from a single mold; as such users have reported the same case to fit and not fit (e.g. Otterbox).

    VRS Design Layered Dandy
    VRS Design Single Fit Smokey Grey
    Caseology Wavelength Series
    Ringke Fusion
    Spigen Thin fit
    Tauri clear case
    OEM Samsung Leather Cover
    OEM Samsung Clear Cover

    Obliq Naked Shield
    Otterbox Commuter
    Supcase Unicorn Beetle
    UAG Composite Case
    Otterbox Symmetry
    Luvvit Sleek Armor
    Spigen Neo-Hybrid Crystal (I added this one)
    07-23-2016 10:16 AM
  7. RocketFoot's Avatar
    I'm in he market for a TGSP but the selection seems to be thin on Amazon ad the reviews are even worse! Maybe I will just go bare screen!
    07-25-2016 07:06 AM
  8. speedtrap63's Avatar
    I couldn't find a good one based on the reviews either. Until someone manages to manufacture a good TGSP I went with the Armorsuit. It's cheap on AMazon, https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0...cUvbUpU5281898
    RocketFoot likes this.
    07-25-2016 02:50 PM

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