08-17-2016 10:14 PM
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  1. JeromeM's Avatar
    So, say you had 2 options (I'm in Canada and renewing on Contract cuz that's what we do lol):

    Option 1:
    -Note 7 is pre-ordered at Carrier, contract price is $560
    -Get a Samsung 64GB Mem card (unsure which model)
    -Get Gear Fit 2

    Option 2:
    -S7E at Best Buy sale this weekend for $0 on Contract
    -Get 128GB Evo+ Memory Card

    I mean, it's clear to me anyways that S7E is way better deal, especially since I don't think I would use the Note features. Even if I sold the Gear Fit 2 for $200 (they are $250 CDN MSRP) that still puts the Note 7 at $360 with a lesser memory card.

    Note 7 is SD820 and S7E is Exynos here in Canada so that's another + in the S7E column.
    I just want to make sure I don't regret not getting the Note but that's a HUGE price difference.
    08-17-2016 09:43 PM
  2. javi9600's Avatar
    I rather keep the edge, since the note mostly has the same specs of the edge. The note for me shows nothing totally new that that I truly need.
    08-17-2016 10:14 PM
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