1. BluBrett's Avatar

    I have actually enjoyed the look of TouchWiz since 5.0 after years of hating it. Nova is just my favorite, most reliable launcher and I like the customization and gestures I can add.

    I wanted to recreate the S7e stock launcher with Nova. Call me crazy, but maybe it will help someone who want the same, or is bored with stock android.


    •4x4 grid
    •Medium width margins
    •Large height margins
    •120% icons (applied to both display modes)
    •Normal font is similar to TouchWiz. I chose Light because I prefer the look.


    •4 icons
    •Apps icon from "Curve S7 Theme" on app store
    •Medium width margins
    •large height margin
    •120% icon size
    •Turn single-line OFF for a taller dock
    •Same font as Desktop


    •N Preview style
    •120% icon size
    •Same font style as previous two

    I use a Flipboard widget to the left of my main home screen.

    Widgets should be available without tinkering. You may need to hold the widget and disable padding with these width margins.

    My drawer is closer to stock android than TouchWiz. Should be easy for you to Recreate TouchWiz though, if desired.
    08-03-2016 02:58 PM
  2. RocketFoot's Avatar
    That is pretty cool! I like the new TW but I also have Nova Prime. Just can't decided so I bounce back and forth.
    08-03-2016 04:06 PM

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