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    Hello. I have very annoying problem with my Facebook Messenger. I'm using the latest version of Android (Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge) and Messenger. Problem is with my contacts. Actually when I'm going to active friends section then contacts are still loading. To fix this I need to click on 'force stop' and then it is fine. BUT. After a few minutes later still the same problems my contacts won't load!! I can confirm. Android Marshmallow is a real [language redacted by Mod] many issues with apps! I reported this issue to Facebook but nobody replied yet.. I'm using messenger everyday and Facebook too. I tried to reinstall messenger but nothing helped and new updates nothing helped. What is that?!
    Thank you for your answer
    08-04-2016 11:20 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Moved to the S7 edge forum, because most of the time, these kinds of issues aren't general Marshmallow issues, but instead are specific to the Marshmallow update of a particular device.

    Are you talking about contacts within Facebook/FB Messenger, or the phone's Contacts app? Have you also tried going to the App Manager, selecting Facebook and Facebook Messenger, and Clearing Cache/Data from both of them?
    08-06-2016 01:41 AM

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